Customer satisfaction is on the rise globally after more than a year in decline, according to a quarterly global Benchmark report released by Zendesk today.

For the second quarter of 2013, the average customer satisfaction rating reached 81 percent – a jump of 3 percentage points from the last quarter – its highest level since the first quarter of 2012. The rise comes as industries with historically poor ratings, including financial and insurance services, saw recent gains and as global consumer confidence has improved.

“In the UK as well as globally, a majority of industries are seeing a rise in customer satisfaction. Interestingly, this coincides with news this week on the first signs of recovery for the UK economy.” comments Matt Price, VP and General Manager EMEA at Zendesk


UK is in the Top 10

Customer satisfaction in the UK improved to 87 percent (up 1 percentage point from last quarter) at 6th place, placing it within the top 10. New Zealand led in 1st place at 92% with Canada in 2nd place (91%) and Australia in 3rd place (89%).


Customer Satisfaction by Country


Best Countries:

  • New Zealand: 92% (-1 percentage point change from Q1)

  • Canada: 91% (+4 percentage points)

  • Australia: 89% (+4 percentage points)


Worst Countries:

  • United Arab Emirates: 58% (+5 percentage point change from Q1)

  • South Africa: 60% (+16 percentage points)

  • Turkey: 68% (+3 percentage points)


Global Customer Satisfaction by Industry

Best Industries:

  • Education: 95% (no change from Q1)

  • IT Services & Consultancy: 95% (-1 percentage points)

  • Property: 94% (no change)



Worst Industries:

  • Social Media: 64% (+2 percentage point change from Q1)

  • Media & Telecommunications: 73% (no change)

  • Entertainment & Gaming: 76% (+4 percentage points)



Customers Seek Self Service and Mobile is on the rise

The Zendesk Benchmark report also examined trends in customer self-service and introduced a new metric, the Self Service Score. Globally, for every four people helping themselves in forums and communities, one is submitting a request. The score represents the number of customers using self-service tools such as online forums and communities. The higher the score, the more effectively self-service tools serve the customers. Companies are realising that enabling self-service support is good for business and good for customer satisfaction.

Customer self-service is growing in popularity

Customers are also increasingly turning to mobile to help them and are doing so before contacting companies directly.  Over the past year, the percentage of customers accessing self-service content from their mobile devices has grown 50 percent. It reached 26 percent for the second quarter of 2013, compared to 17 percent in the same period a year earlier, according to the Zendesk Benchmark.


“The mobile consumer expects to find information with just a few swipes of a touch screen,” Price comments “Companies are moving quickly to offer customer self service that’s just as good on a four-inch screen as it is on a big screen.”


Mobile self-service usage is significantly higher in some industries, such as media (84%) and social media (57%). Industries with the some of the lowest customer preference for mobile globally include finance and insurance services (11%), education (10%) and software (10%).

Zendesk is a global provider of software for better customer service, and tracks customer satisfaction and service trends each quarter based on actual interactions between 16,000 participating companies and their customers.



Download the full Zendesk Benchmark report for Q2 2013 at:


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