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Ventana Research’s latest Benchmark Research on The Role of Feedback in Customer Experience Management is designed to gain insight into how customer feedback can be better utilized to enhance the customer experience and deliver business value through a broader understanding of the consumer.

The proliferation of new communication channels makes it possible for consumers to compare services quickly and easily, making the interaction between companies and their customer more important than ever. To deliver the best possible customer experience, companies need to adopt a core set of best practices for analyzing customer interactions. The new research, The Role of Feedback in Customer Experience Management, found that collecting and analyzing feedback is the best way to truly understand the customer.

This new research found that while 85 percent of participants collect costumer feedback, only two-thirds said it is very important and just one-third respond to feedback. The research also uncovered that a startling one in three companies have a dedicated team to manage this aspect of business, showing a lack of proper planning and execution in customer feedback management. A high-functioning and successful program of customer feedback management (CFM) can improve customer service, including handling interactions and training their supporting agents who participate in customer interactions.

"The need to harness feedback and focus on improving customer satisfaction is driving the development of new process and technology to support the customer experience", said Richard Snow, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research, "Companies need to begin moving beyond the use of e-mail and telephone to using Internet based technologies advancing from the methods used in social media and collaboration within the enterprise for customer feedback management needs. Our research has created a foundation of best practices and education to help organizations manage and retain their customer while encouraging loyalty through the use of customer feedback management."

Ventana Research embarked on this benchmark to acquire information about how organizations are adapting to the changes in interaction with their customers and how to use CFM to learn more about their customers. It explores how organizations collect their feedback; whom they assign to collect it; and what obstacles they have encountered in their efforts to gain this information

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