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 Mindshare Technologieshas come up with five tips for service-based companies to leverage and take action on insights from their most common customer feedback.

The tips are guidelines to help companies better understand what customers value most about their experiences after interacting with the business.

“We gather tens of millions of surveys each year to help companies of all kinds improve using their customer feedback, like identifying product issues or holding an individual manager accountable to keeping company standards,” said John Sperry, CEO of Mindshare. “In addition to the benefits of having a comprehensive VoC program, we identified some recurring themes in this data that can benefit every business.”

Mindshare’s five recommendations for getting the most out of common customer feedback:

  1. Engage and respond to customers. Respond to customers who leave feedback. Whether or not something groundbreaking is learned from their comment, it can show customers that someone cares and is listening. It can also help them connect with the brand on a personal level. Tell them how their concern has been resolved or thank them for their time.

  2. Correlate profits to customer satisfaction. Track customer satisfaction scores alongside revenue to be able to track what customer satisfaction habits contribute to the top performers at the store level. With this approach, customer satisfaction scores will soon be predicting the bottom line.

  3. Promote positive comments. Customers who say nice things about companies are providing credible and invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. Share their words with the world, or better yet, help them share their own words with the world through social media.

  4. Motivate frontline employees. Even employees who are “just working for the money” will take pride in knowing a customer singled them out for their quality service. They will work better knowing how much they can positively influence the customer experience.

  5. Focus on individual employees. Find out who is and who is not listening to common sense to provide good service, then reward or retrain accordingly.

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