Thought leadership

OpenView Venture Partners, an expansion-stage venture capital firm focused on providing technology companies with deep operational support, released a new report today entitled,  "Crowdsourcing Marketing: Leveraging Customer Engagement for Maximum Effect"

The report provides a framework for executing effective crowdsourced marketing campaigns and highlights examples of three companies that have done so successfully.

The report outlines how marketers can use crowdsourcing to engage both active and passive audiences to increase their companies’ brand exposure. It also describes how it is a tactic that companies can employ to create content and/or gather valuable insights to help inform enhancements to their products.

“Crowdsourcing has always been a powerful phenomenon, but today it’s also becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for fostering customer engagement and obtaining their input and feedback,” said Brian Zimmerman, Managing Director of Open View Labs, the firm’s strategic consulting arm. “By following the process outlined in this report and learning from the examples it provides, we believe expansion-stage companies can take advantage of the marketing benefits crowdsourcing can create.”

The report cites examples of successful crowdsourcing marketing campaigns that have been conducted at several small but innovative technology companies, including Stripe, MINDBODY, and Avid Software.

“The examples of crowdsourcing marketing that we have identified in this report will hopefully inspire other companies to adopt similar tactics,” continued Zimmerman. “As the report explains, something as simple as a contest around creating Pinterest boards can give you broad access to many new prospects and customers.”

OpenView’s reports span a variety of topics, including technology, venture capital, marketing, and sales, and are created from the research OpenView Labs conducts in support of its portfolio companies. This report is the third in a series that analyzes examples of B2B companies that are successfully implementing online marketing tactics.