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Engage Employee provides its community of over 42,000 leaders with a series of hugely successful live case study-driven conferences with a laser focus on ensuring we always provide current and relevant success-led content relating to the latest industry challenges, we’re lucky to work with some of the world’s largest and most recognisable heavy hitting brands such as Amazon, Barclays, BBC, BuzzFeed, Google, John Lewis, Mercedes, Liverpool F.C, M&S, Netflix, NHS, Sky, Samsung, Vogue, WWF, and Virgin to name a few.

Quite often we secure new speakers to the stage before they are seen on the circuit elsewhere, but we are also supported by an amazing editorial panel of forward-thinking industry experts, all are real voices of authority and quite often have extremely substantial social media audiences. We are always looking to grow this highly influential source of knowledge and group of experts; our platforms and audiences have an insatiable appetite for fresh new and unique editorial content. Our highly engaged senior end-user audiences and content is the backbone of our events and digital platforms, we are passionate and prides ourselves on helping industry leaders overcome challenges and providing educational examples of excellence and best practice.

We are calling for contributors to join this extensive industry hub of shared knowledge and ‘know-how’. If you are passionate about our industry, have a success story, an opinion or just passionate about something. Please send us your thought leadership piece of content you would like to share with the industry, now is your time, we want you to join us. Please feel free to send over an article for consideration that follow our editorial guidelines:

  • Unique – The post does need to be unique to our website (we do not accept duplicated content).
  • Integrity – It mustn’t be vendor/product focused and editorially driven and of editorial value and of course relevant to our audience
  • Image – Please include an appropriate royalty free image to accompany the post.
  • Source – We are happy to credit yourself for the contribution, please provide a URL backlink

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