The study Social (S)caring Brands was conducted by the company Brand Embassy on a selection of 50 brands from the UK and 50 brands from the Czech Republic in 12 different segments.

The aim was to examine the level of online communication of the researched brands’ customer service centres and compare results of communication via Facebook and online forms or e-mails.

The research was carried out by sending queries to the brands’ Facebook profiles via existing Facebook identities, and concurrently by sending mystery e-mailings to the brands’ customer service centres. A total of 840 customer-care related queries were sent, such as requests for information about telephone numbers or hours of operation of a customer service centre, information on rewards for loyal customers, or a request for a link to a contact form for sending complaints, etc.

A total of 712 responses (84.8 %) were received in the UK and in the Czech republic. The number of responses received via Facebook (88%) is higher by 7% then via online forms or e-mail (81%). UK brands responded to 78% of queries. Exception among all the researched segments was the FMCG segment – all the researched brands provided relevant (to the point) responses in all instances.

“Businesses have never before had such a great opportunity to proactively listen to millions of their customers every single day and truly understand their problems.” says Vit Horky, the founder and CEO of Brand Embassy. “By engaging customers more effectively on social media the companies can save up to 40% of total costs of customer service. Customer care is no longer just about 1-to-1 conversation, it’s a huge opportunity for PR and modern marketing.

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