The entrepreneur behind a handy phone app which saves people being held in annoying call centre queues has launched a free service for businesses to eliminate queues and help them reduce caller abandonment by up to 90 per cent.

The clever technology invented by Matt King means call service providers can reduce customer wait times and improve answer rates without having to resort to hiring more staff or calling customers back.

Matt is now calling on all British call centre operators to raise their game by using the service which takes just minutes to activate.

Being held in a phone queue is one of the nation’s biggest gripes, which is why Matt has developed a clever queuing robot.

“Traditional on hold queue technology creates and sustains a conflict of interest between the caller who wants to speak to someone without waiting and the business that needs to avoid the expense of staffing for peaks,” says Matt.

“The traditional on-hold system is a poor compromise that forces callers to wait on hold and call centre managers to adopt complex staffing patterns to resource peaks in caller demand. We’ve been stuck with this half solution for more than half a century – in fact it’s hard to think of any business technology that has changed less in 60 years.

“The good news is that with WeQ4U 4 Business, companies don’t keep their customers on hold even when things get busy. What’s even better is we’re pleased to announce WeQ4U 4 Business is now available free of charge to UK Call Centres, so there’s really no excuse for leaving callers stuck on hold any more, however busy a business may be.”

When call centre queues develop, Matt’s optimised queuing system gives callers an estimated wait time and encourages them to call back after that time. When they do, their number is recognised and they are automatically sent to the front of the queue to be answered by an agent straight away.

“It’s actually a very simple solution that allows callers to get through without tedious and expensive waiting on hold, even when things are really busy at the call centre, and keeps the agents fully utilised during troughs too.  Now that the service is free, it’s time to fix your broken queues, everyone!”

The phone remains the most popular channel of communication for inbound and outbound contact (Infinity CCS 2012 survey), with 70 per cent of people preferring to make contact using their phone as opposed to email, text or social media.

The average UK consumer however spends 45 hours a year waiting on the phone (source: NOP). And 60% of customers say they find it difficult to get through to call centres (source: Future Foundation).

 Call Centre Managers already using the system are seeing tremendous returns.  Jon Saward, Head of Customer Service at Bensons For Beds, commented: “We were one of the earliest companies to adopt this technology and we saw a huge improvement in our answer rate right from day one, making us more efficient and leaner as a consequence.  What’s more we get regular feedback from our callers telling us how happy they are with the system.  We couldn’t be more pleased, and would recommend the solution to any business taking incoming calls.” 

 Earlier this year, Matt launched WeQ4U, a free consumer app offering users FREE 08 calls whether they are held in a queue or not. The popular iPhone and Android app and accompanying telephone service now has over 20,000 users, saving every single one, on average, a hefty £76 pounds per year.

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