Guest Blogger

By Jill Christensen

According to several professors at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, as returning to the office becomes a reality for more companies, there seems to be a disconnect between leaders and employees regarding remote work.

The professors analyzed a dataset that a business and technology newsletter obtained from surveying its readers to gauge employee expectations. To see whether expectations were being met, the scholars searched online communities in Reddit to hear what workers are saying. Bottom line, they found three recurring themes in the posts, which are causing employees angst:

1. Broken remote-work promises.
2. Confused remote-work policies.
3. Corporate culture-building ‘BS’ (such as team outings).

Additionally, a recent survey of full-time corporate and government employees found that two-thirds say their employers have not communicated a post-pandemic office strategy, further adding to the confusion and to a lack of morale, engagement, and retention.

Jill, What Can I Do? Manage this in your organization or start the conversation with the person or team who owns it. Every firm needs a post-pandemic office strategy, which is clearly communicated and discussed with employees, and executed flawlessly. A great place to start? Circle back and read mid-pandemic communications to ensure you are delivering on your remote-work promises and policies. Nothing kills a culture faster than half-truths, falsehoods, and leaders going back on their word. The time is now.

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