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Technology is not only changing the way we work, but creating brand new industries and roles that have never been seen before. Such is the impact, job search engine Adzuna in its latest job report has found a number of titles and roles that were once never thought possible.

The study analysed 1 million+ open and historical roles featured on Adzuna in 2017-2018, and highlighted some of the more unusual roles featuring on the site.

Fears of robot invasion, the furore around blockchain and ongoing uncertainty around the Brexit process are just a few of the concerns facing companies of all sizes across Britain today. While technology and IT departments are common in British workplaces, recent analysis shows a trend of more unusual roles springing up for staff with the right skills. Adzuna’s research revealed some of the most unique solutions UK companies are using to attract top talent and equip their businesses for changing times.

Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, revealed: “Smart employers are always looking out for the next big shift in the job market, and stand ready to adapt and evolve their workforce, and in some cases, their entire business model, to meet the challenges of the future. It’s these companies that will draw the top talent to their doors in times of change, and when the robots DO arrive, they’ll be ready to welcome them with open arms.”

Future-facing jobs offered by real employers in recent years include:

  1. Drone Engineer: Certainly, one destined to get an engineering career off to a flying start, this role called for smart and savvy folks with an engineering background to play a part in designing and developing future drones, used for anything from delivery to surveillance. In this role, your technical skills will have a big impact on your ability to deliver on time and to order. It would also make sense to keep your eye on the horizon for development opportunities.
  2. Robot Scientist: As speculation of a potential robot invasion abounds, experts are needed to develop, build and train these futuristic workers. As well as exceptional technological and engineering knowhow, and a penchant for creative thinking, future Robot Scientists will need to know a thing or two about how companies work.
  3. AI Regulatory Solutions Consultant: As the Great Robot Debate deepens, some future-minded employers turn their thoughts to the needs of a robot workforce, with talk of  HR departments to protect the rights of robot workers to relax and a special branch of Robot Police to help set and enforce the rules for mechanical employees. It’s into this latter category that AI Regulatory Solutions Consultants fall, as they are charged with helping companies establish and enforce ground rules for the use of AI in a business environment.
  4. Data Wrangler: Big data, in today’s job marketplace, is big news. Managers in businesses of all shapes and sizes, are ever more conscious that knowledge is power, and that having a genius on-board that can help manage and understand all the facts and figures will make a real difference. And once that data has been wrangled into well-behaved spreadsheets, businesses have all the tools they need to make smart decisions that help them get bigger and better. Fact.
  5. Chief Brexit Officer: A post-referendum role aiming to help companies find the way to life after Brexit with their businesses and their mission statements not just intact, but thriving. Joining the growing range of C-suite roles on offer in Britain’s companies, Brexit Officers could be considered the divorce lawyers of British corporates as they contemplate the single market life. Ideal candidates will boast extensive international experience and know a thing or two about communicating during periods of change.
  6. Driverless Car Attendant: Ideal for jobseekers who see themselves, going places, some companies are now advertising for staff to keep a watchful eye on driverless vehicles both during and after transit. A full, clean driving licence is a must, of course, although a need for speed is strictly optional. Hopeful candidates should have driven, have a reasonable level of technical ability and superhero-style reflexes.
  7. Deputy Snapchat Editor: The social media revolution is in full swing, and demand is growing for Snapchat specialists to help businesses project the best image of themselves to clients, candidates and the general public. So, what are you waiting for? Time to start working on your snapplication.
  8. Bitcoin Trader: If you’ve always dreamt of being in the money, but perhaps not been specific on currency, this could be the job of your dreams. As Bitcoin draws interest from companies around the globe, the golden opportunities exist for the right candidate, if you are keen to invest your skills in a new career, here is one that could pay significant dividends in due course.

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