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With hundreds of thousands of young people graduating each year, millennials are embarking upon the beginning of their careers in the search for the ‘dream job’ in the ‘dream city’ where there is plenty of social life to compliment their new lives as young professionals.

The UK is a thriving country which offers a plethora of metropolitan cities to satisfy the eclectic needs of twenty somethings seeking out the coolest and most vibrant areas to live.

Ideal Flatmate asked 1,000 millennial participants across the UK to rate their local area on different aspects, such as nightlife, up-and-coming areas and suitability for young professionals. The index is made up of 222 UK boroughs and has revealed where the most up-and-coming areas of the UK are.

‘Up-and-coming refers to an area with the potential to attract new residents and businesses in the near future.’

The Top Five Up-and-Coming Areas of the UK

  1. Manchester City (Ranking 1/222) – With the average salary standing at £26,399,2 and a growing technology culture, it’s no wonder that Manchester topped our list. With a local airport and a great nightlife, Manchester really lives up to its ‘Northern Charm’.
  1. Camden (London) (Ranking 2/222)  – With an average salary of £23,1443 and easy access to London city centre, Camden seems to be attracting young professionals on a daily basis.
  1. Sheffield City (Ranking 3/222) – The steel city is well renowned for its great nightlife, music scene and friendly locals, and with an average salary of £24,288,4 it’s hard to argue with Sheffield’s place within the rankings.
  1. Royal Borough of Greenwich (London) (Ranking 4/222) – The average wage for residents of Greenwich is less than most in London with most workers taking home £19,4525 per year. That being said, Greenwich boasts a wealth of attractions including the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime museum, making it a top spot for anyone looking to move.
  1. Wetherby (Leeds) (Ranking 5/222) – This small market town located outside of Leeds attracts residents due to its quiet, friendly atmosphere and generous green space. Wetherby has a local reputation for being a prestigious area and is a perfect fit for residents looking to gain good access to Leeds city while still enjoying the countryside.

The Bottom Five (least) Up-and-Coming Areas of the UK

  1. Benwell and Scotswood (Newcastle) (Ranking 222/222) – The Newcastle borough located to the west of the city has been voted the least up-and-coming area of the UK with a score of 2.79 out of 10. Residents may feel the area is lagging behind others due to the area being known for its business park, rather than its atmosphere.
  1. Blakelaw (Newcastle) (Ranking 221/222) – Making up 4.6% of Newcastle’s population, Blakelaw only gained a rating of 2.88/10, making it the second least up-and-coming area of the UK
  1. Elswick (Newcastle) (Ranking 220/222) – Third to bottom of the list is Elswick of Newcastle. Located to the west of the city and bordering the River Tyne Elswick, it landed a rating of 2.89/10.
  1. Govanhill (Galsgow) (Ranking 219/222) – With a population of just under 10,000 residents, Govanhill falls short of other Scottish boroughs receiving 3.01/10.
  1. Park & Arbourthorne (Sheffield) (Ranking 218/222) – Surrounding Norfolk Heritage Park and located close to the city centre, it may come as a surprise to see that Park & Arbourthorne was voted the 5th least up-and-coming area of the UK with a rating of 3.11/10

Tom Gatzen from Ideal Flatmate commented:

“It’s fantastic to see Manchester voted as the most up-and-coming area of the UK. The press often associate any major UK investments with London, but with a thriving economy in the north of England and cheaper living rates, it’s no wonder people are look to invest their time and money in these areas.”

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