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Amazon and are online retailers with different approaches to customer experience management. Whilst one is currently excelling in the Customer Experience Excellence rankings, another is fighting to remain in the top 100. Following the launch of Nunwood’s 2014 UK CEE, it’s time to see what the customer experience analytics reveals.


Amazon, recently dropped down to fifth position in the Customer Experience Excellence rankings, with a CEE score of 8.17. However,’s efforts have yielded more disappointing results, with the brand's CEE score placing it in a precariously low 87th place, which is 40 positions lower than its 2013 ranking.


Using customer experience analytics for further analysis's customer experience efforts have had little effect on the pillar of Resolution, where it achieves a lacklustre 7.10. This pillar score has been slowly decreasing since 2012, and it is disappointing to see that has not been able to use its customer feedback to turn the situation around.


Amazon, on the other hand, has enjoyed consistently strong results in this aspect of The Six Pillar SystemTM, attaining a much healthier 7.88. Customers frequently praise the brand's efficiency at resolving issues when they arise, with one particularly happy shopper stating: "I had ordered a pair of gloves and accidently ordered the wrong size. When I contacted Amazon, they said keep the pair I had received and they would send out the correct size immediately.  So I ended up with two pairs for the price of one and was able to give the first pair to my son."     


Aspiring to save time for the customer

Amazon's aptitude for efficiency has also afforded it a high score in the pillar of Time & Effort. At 8.80, it is the brand's strongest pillar, and is also one of the best results in the customer experience excellence rankings. Not only are deliveries fast, but many customers receive their goods earlier than they expect. Similarly, shoppers speak highly of the ease with which they are able to carry out their transactions, thanks to the user-friendly nature of Amazon's website.  


And despite its low CEE score, this is also a successful pillar for, which achieves a solid result of 8.09. This is surprising, given the changes the brand has recently undergone. In March 2013, began to operate solely as an online marketplace for third party sellers, paving the way for a potential lack of consistency in the speed and ease of the shopping experiences. However, customers have responded positively to this development, and this is a pillar that could conceivably rival Amazon in the years to come.


Until then, Amazon will continue to be the dominant brand. Certainly the research derived from our customer experience analytics poses the brand as an industrious retailer in all facets of The Six Pillar SystemTM, to the extent that many other brands seek to match the quality of its practices. It is one of the true champions of the Customer Experience Excellence rankings.

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