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09 Aug 2017

Balanced Scorecard for Customer Service

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Gone are the days when ‘average handle time’ was the main driver for advisor performance. These days ‘appropriate handle time’ better captures what customer focussed brands concentrate on. ‘As you goal them, so they behave’ goes the saying. Given that, what are the key metrics you need to blend together as a scorecard that works for both your organisation and customers?
Join us for a webinar  with industry expert Martin Hill-Wilson and explore the pros and cons of all the main internal and external metrics and how they impact your contact centre performance. Key topics include:

  • What’s the value of metrics?
  • Aligning metrics with the culture you want to embed
  • Customer satisfaction versus customer effort versus Net Promoter Score. Which one is best for customers?
  • What’s the balance of metrics that helps understand advisor performance in the context of customer experience?
  • Which metrics help us understand overall contact centre effectiveness and value


Martin Hill-Wilson 440x440

Martin Hill-Wilson

Brainfood Consulting
Steve Hurst 440x440

Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media

Martin Hill-Wilson


I’m a customer engagement and digital business strategist. Also an author and international keynote speaker. Working under my own brand, Brainfood Consulting, I design masterclasses and transformational change helping clients evolve their social and digital capabilities. Current topics include omni-channel design, proactive, low effort customer experience, social customer service and customer hubs. All themed around service innovation..


Steve Hurst

Editorial Director

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting. Since its launch, Engage Customer has rapidly established itself as beacon of thought leadership in a rapidly changing customer environment. Steve is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading journalistic authorities in the fields of customer and employee engagement strategy and the increasingly important role of multichannel customer engagement strategies in business..

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21 Aug 2017

The HR Software Journey: Introducing Sophisticated Technology

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This presentation will discuss the transformational journey HR professionals can expect when searching for and implementing more sophisticated HR software. Whether you are currently using manual processes and Excel spreadsheets for data management, or HR software that is no longer fit-for-purpose as a result of organisational growth, the road to selecting and implementing newer, more sophisticated software can be daunting. This presentation is especially useful for those looking to introduce new HR/Payroll Systems into their HR departments and those that may have outgrown their current systems and processes. People Force International’s, Pritul Khagram, will offer attendees tips and tricks on what to look out for during a selection process and how to get “buy-in” from management and end users when trying to achieve a successful change management programme.

Q&A Case Study with Melin Homes

Melin Homes’, Sharon Crockett, will be on hand to answer questions about their own HR Software journey and the steps they took to ensure its successful implementation. Now, two years on, they have not only successfully updated their HR software, but utilised that sophisticated technology to assist them with an organisation-wide project toward agile working. The award-winning transition to agile working has been an outright success with staff embracing chance, and the project being underpinned by intelligent software that ensures the team are able to work smarter, not harder.

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