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30 Jan 2018

The State of Customer Experience: Time to get real

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Date: 30th January 2018
Time: 12:00pm

In our recent report “The State of Customer Experience: Time to get real”, based on a survey of over 250 Customer Experience professionals, we have tried to identify what the most successful companies are doing, what we can learn from them, and what you need to do to deliver similar results.

In this webinar, Claire Sporton, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, Confirmit and Steve Hurst, Editor, Engage Business Media will discuss some of the key highlights of the report. They will discuss the current barriers to progress and how to overcome them, including best practices from industry leaders, before looking to the future. With opinions gathered from across the global CX industry, Confirmit will help to reveal where the next ‘big thing’ will come from and – in the meantime – what we can all be doing in order to make the most of the here and now.


Claire Sporton 440x440

Claire Sporton

Steve Hurst 440x440

Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media

Claire Sporton

VP Customer Experience

Claire has specialized in customer feedback for well over 15 years. Claire has run programs in the Financial Services sector, and more recently supported a wide range of organizations in the development and implementation of programs that not only drive improvement in customer experience but deliver measurable business results.

Claire’s passion is to ensure that Confirmit’s clients’ programs help to build a truly customer centric culture, breaking down the silos and empowering individuals across the organization to do the right thing for both their customers and the business as a whole..


Steve Hurst

Editorial Director

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting. Since its launch, Engage Customer has rapidly established itself as beacon of thought leadership in a rapidly changing customer environment. Steve is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading journalistic authorities in the fields of customer and employee engagement strategy and the increasingly important role of multichannel customer engagement strategies in business..

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