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08 Jun 2017

It’s All About The Customer – A Service Design Webinar

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There’s a lot of talk amongst organisations about how much they value their customers and how delivering a great customer experience is really important to their businesses. But looking at how many companies behave it seems that many are just paying lip service to this way of thinking.

Delivering a great customer experience is all about designing interactions from a customers’ point of view to meet or even exceed their expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

This webinar, led by industry expert Amy Scott will help you gain a greater understanding of the role that service design plays in achieving this goal.

Key Takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Learning about the critical components behind designing services
  • Insight into how customer journeys are impacted by organisational structures
  • Understanding the role the voice of the customer plays in this process
  • The benefits of taking an outside-in view
  • Discovering how emotions factors in customers’ decision making
  • Increased knowledge on how business behaviours drive customer outcomes

At the end of the webinar you will have a greater understanding of how to design services to deliver an improved customer experience.



Amy Scott

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Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media

Amy Scott


Sedulous is a customer insight driven management consultancy specialising in service design, customer experience initiatives, change programmes, market research and project management.

I’ve spent the past year working on a variety of projects for Western Union, Nuffield Health, Midcounties Cooperative, Thomas Cook, and the Student Loans Company. All of these projects involved helping them to identify what customers want, how they are currently delivering against these expectations, where the customer pain points are, what causes them and how to design them out of the service offering leading to ideal customer journeys.

Prior to this I spent four years in Sydney where I worked on the largest Australian service redesign project for the mobile operator Optus, helped Toyota’s dealer network to become more customer focused and redesigned the post graduate student journey for the Chartered Institute of Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Previously, before going to Australia, I was a driving force behind the UK’s Top 50 Companies for Customer Service and as project director of this programme I provided advice to member companies such as Tesco, LEGO, Dyson, ITV, Royal Bank of Scotland, Specsavers, Marks & Spencer and Virgin Atlantic on how they could improve their customer service operations.


Steve Hurst

Editorial Director

Steve is a successful career journalist, thought leader and published author with a wealth of experience in all forms of media, both offline and online, including local and national press, trade and business publications, TV and radio, websites, social media and online web event broadcasting. Since its launch, Engage Customer has rapidly established itself as beacon of thought leadership in a rapidly changing customer environment. Steve is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading journalistic authorities in the fields of customer and employee engagement strategy and the increasingly important role of multichannel customer engagement strategies in business..

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