Cyber attacks are inevitable for companies and organisations need to know how to avoid turning these attacks into breaches.

According to Aatish Pattni, head of threat prevention at Check Point Software Technologies, who was speaking at R3 2016, breaches can have a devastating impact on companies.

After 250,000 customers of TalkTalk were hacked, he explained the company’s share price dropped sharply and market share was lost. To help regain customer trust they were offered free upgrades.

“Companies buy technologies to protect network, but they do not employ them in a preventive manner,” Pattni said. “Detection is easy, but the reason we do not move to prevention because businesses do not want to be disruptive.”

He said there are concerns that there will lose customers if they initiate preventive measures and said there should be a “move to security awareness to training and knowledge”.

“The person in finance only cares about finance,” he said. “The person in procurement only cares about procurement. We need to address these challenges. We need preventive technologies that are transparent to end user.

“The network you have has a huge impact. The bad guys are not going away. We are going to see more threats over next few years. These things are not changing. The only thing that can change is how we think about security.”

According to Pattni, forensic technologies can examine what is going on and security should be thought of from a prevention point of view without disrupting the users.