Your guide to a successful wellbeing strategy

Companies have long struggled to embrace wellbeing in the workplace. Historically, it’s been dismissed as a foolish initiative, something not worthy of budget or resources.

However, there’s a change coming. As more companies embrace the importance of wellbeing, thanks to research, we’re seeing how a focus on employee wellbeing can help to reverse employee burnout and reduce stress, turnover, and absenteeism. Measuring and taking action on wellbeing in the workplace is possible, and it’s important.

Data on employee absenteeism, sick days, productivity, and retention can help you gauge the wellbeing of employees at your company.

In addition, with the support of employee feedback platforms, like Culture Amp, companies can now take their analysis one step further with employee wellbeing surveys. After reading this guide, you’ll have an understanding of the science behind wellbeing at work, why you should focus on wellbeing now, the factors of employee wellbeing you can take action on, and how to best utilise Culture Amp’s wellbeing survey to plan, launch and measure your employee wellbeing strategy.

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