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Using Predictive Analytics To Forecast Employee Turnover

The days of employees racking up enough years for a gold watch and several months of holidays seem a distant memory. The gig economy is thriving and tenures are dropping. While in some (few) industries a healthy turnover is welcomed, for most organizations, regretful turnover causes financial and productivity pain.

Why do people really leave?
A sense of belonging is crucial for people when they join a company. People who had an early sense that they don’t belong were three times more likely to leave within the first six months.
Company leadership
Despite the common myth that people leave managers not companies, we continue to find in our data that although some people will leave because of a manager, they are much more likely to leave because they don’t have confidence in the overall leadership of the company.
Leaving early
More and more we are seeing people make decisions about leaving companies early in their tenure. In recent Culture Amp research we found that around 10% of people were leaving within six months of starting a new job. Many people have decided if they’re going to leave a job in their first six weeks.


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Using Predictive Analytics To Forecast Employee Turnover

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