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Maurice L. Milton

Maurice L. Milton

Questback President, North America Click to
Luke Talbot

Luke Talbot

Questback VP Product Marketing Click to
Steve Hurst

Steve Hurst

Engage Business Media Editorial Director Click to
05th September 2019

Leadership development has evolved from hierarchical organisations to agile team structures. Having the methodology and technology to integrate into a culture that gives value to every employee, has often required a lot of money and time. During our second “Questback on Leadership” webinar, we’ll discuss how Questback is helping to develop modern leaders and how you can apply these learnings to your own organisation.

The webinar will be presented by two of Questback’s leaders, Maurice Milton (President, North America) and Luke Talbot (VP Product Marketing), who will discuss the following topics from their own personal experiences:

– Delivering extraordinary experiences to improve organisational culture
– Implementing relevant metrics to reduce churn of key talent
– Increase team productivity and how to adapt to change
– Quickly identify gaps, blind spots, hidden-strengths and development areas
– Provide teams with real-time analytics and guides to drive continuous growth

Join us to learn how Extraordinary Experiences are driven by Questback through Leadership.

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