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“The growing popularity of the Wheels to Work scheme has indicated to councils throughout the country that it is time to start offering commuters with a sustainable option for personal transport to work.” Richard Jordan CEO at Super Soco UK

UK Councils begin introducing electric mopeds into their Wheels to Work scheme in the push towards sustainable commuting

1st March, London, UK: Two regional councils in the UK have begun implementing a pioneering scheme offering electric mopeds as a form of personal transport to bolster green transport options for commuters. The scheme is aimed to help workers throughout the UK travel to work sustainably and affordably.

Wheels to Work schemes have now been altered to include both electric and petrol mopeds. Mopeds can be hired for up to 12 months for as little as £60 per month, with the payment including CBT training, road tax, insurance, service and maintenance costs and a helmet, gloves and high-vis vest. Users must live within the counties implementing these schemes, be over the age of 16 years, and hold a firm offer of work for 16 hours a week or more.

North Lincolnshire Council is setting the standard for Wheels to Work schemes across the country adding 18 new electric mopeds to its current fleet of ten, giving almost three times as many people the ability to travel into the workplace sustainably. The scheme was originally launched with 5 petrol mopeds, but with new additions to the fleet and the rising popularity, the current scooters have already clocked almost 16,000 miles. The scheme offers a range of electric motorcycles, including models from Super Soco UK, such as the popular the TC Max.

The implementation follows on from Tees Valley Combined Authority’s trialling of an Integrated Transport Programme. The trial project will help people who do not have access to a car or bike, or who cannot make the journey by bus or train to work/college. The scheme offers electric motorbikes, or e-bikes, to eligible users and provides the necessary safety equipment and training, similar to North Lincolnshire’s scheme.

So far the scheme has proved successful, benefiting over 150 people since early 2018. TVCA has secured funding of £840,00 to continue a further three-year period and being transitioning to an all-electric fleet.

During the launch of the extended fleet in North Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe MP Holly-Mumby Croft said: “It was brilliant to go along with my neighbouring MP Andrew Percy and have a look at the new mopeds that North Lincs Council are rolling out. The clean, green and affordable mopeds can be rented by eligible North Lincs residents to help them get to work or college. This is a really great scheme. Being unable to get about can be one of the biggest barriers, especially for younger people. Don’t worry I didn’t ride off without a helmet!”

Reflecting on the Wheels to Work scheme, Richard Jordan, CEO at Super Soco UK, the UK’s top-selling electric motorcycle brand in 2021 and supplier for the Wheels to Work scheme, said: “The growing popularity of the Wheels to Work scheme has indicated to councils throughout the country that it is time to start offering commuters with a sustainable option for personal transport to work. It is clear that public transport is not always the best choice for commuting to work, especially in a post-pandemic world. So offering commuters with a clean, sustainable safe alternative has displayed the demand for such schemes across the country.

“Where public transport has dominated in larger cities, for more rural areas and less connected smaller towns, the Wheels to Work scheme, provides workers with quick, affordable, easy transport. As we all begin to consciously become more sustainable and control our carbon footprints, these schemes allow people the freedom and liberties to travel cleanly and control their environmental impact.

It is now time for other counties in the UK to follow North Lincolnshire and Tees Valley’s lead and begin offering constituents with a safe, sustainable form of personal transport.”

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