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Interesting research in this week’s newsletter saying that while the vast majority of employers think it’s important to be liked, almost as many of their staff want their day-to-day experience of work improved.

Exploring the attitudes of 250 bosses and 250 employees in UK firms, the research revealed how employers lack an accurate picture of how staff feel and the way it affects their work. 84% of bosses think their staff are happy and 76% believe most of their employees are fully engaged in what they do. But only 64% of staff find work makes them happy and just 42% are fully engaged or absorbed in what they do to earn a living.

The research found men are more likely to say their work really engages them (48%) than women (37%), reflecting the longstanding difference in support and career development offered to women, as well as the well-publicised gap in pay between the sexes.

And lack of understanding plays a role in another difference between bosses and workers. Whereas 39% of employers believe most staff quit a job for emotional reasons, only 17% of employees say that’s the main cause of them handing in their notice. The research also found more than half of UK employees regard being rewarded for excellent work as important to their experience at work, while 51% want more opportunities for flexible working.

Fascinating research and we will be looking in more detail at the findings in our first events of 2020 next Spring with our Employee Wellbeing and Digital Workplace conferences which will be running in tandem. A date for your 2020 diaries.

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