If you’re looking to create more productive and effective teams and leaders, to promote a culture that drives performance and engagement and prove a tangible return on investment on your learning and development activity, the Performance Climate System is for you.

The Performance Climate System enables organisations and coaches to measure culture, engagement and the impact of leadership on performance.

Using quick and simple, anonymous online surveys, it provides objective data alongside qualitative feedback, on organisational and team culture, employee experience and the environment created by leadership behaviour.

If you work in Learning and Development, Coaching or Talent Management, PCS will help to prioritise and focus your activity, time and spend on the areas that really matter.  It will inform how to most effectively deliver against the needs of your business or client and provide a tangible return on investment and measure of success.

If you’re a leader of a team, PCS provides a vehicle and roadmap to understand your team’s development needs, to better understand the impact of your leadership on your people and empowers you to improve your culture, engagement and performance.

So, how do we measure Culture?  The Performance Climate System measures culture via the notion of climate.  Organisational Climate is a proven and academically validated concept.  It can be defined as the mood or atmosphere within a team or organisation.  Or quite literally, ‘how it feels around here’.   PCS provides an overall measure of climate but also breaks it down into six key components; Goals, Roles, Processes, Adaptability, Connection and Resilience.

Climate is a significant determinant of the performance of the team. The single biggest factor affecting team climate is the behaviour and actions of the leader. If you measure climate, you’re able to measure the effectiveness of leadership and the potential for the team to perform.  In numerous studies using PCS, we have consistently seen a direct correlation between the climate score and the performance of the team.

What makes up the Performance Climate System? The Performance Climate System comprises 3 principal elements:

  1. An intuitive and informative data analysis and comparison system called the Organisational Performance Dashboard or OPD. The OPD provides an organisational overview of your climate and enables analysis of climate by team, function or region. It enables you to track climate and performance over time.
  2. Our original climate measurement survey is called PCS Pro. PCS Pro captures a range of quantitative and qualitative feedback from the leader and team members to build up a full picture of the climate in the team.  The PCS Pro report is interpreted and facilitated through a network of qualified PCS practitioners.
  3. PCS Lite; an abridged version of PCS Pro. It’s designed to be used by any leader, coach or trainer and can be ordered from our website or through our partners and Practitioner network. It provides a simple and effective ‘temperature check’ of the climate in a team. Ideal for a mid-year review or quick snapshot to check progress.

To find out more about PCS and learn how we can help you improve culture, engagement, employee satisfaction and performance, visit our website at

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