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A conversation is so much more than words: a conversation is eyes, smiles, and the silence between words ~ Annika Thor

Researchers have long debated exactly when humans started talking to each other. Spoken words leave no archaeological trace and estimates vary from the moment we emerged – some 2 million years ago – to as late as 50,000 years ago. What is known for sure, is that conversations are a critical part of our everyday lives. For our learning, development, work, play, relationships, health and well-being. For our very humanity. Conversations are also much more than words; ‘Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!’ can be as easily said in a heated exchange, as ‘I heard him smile’ can be, in a more pleasurable one. Conversations can be simple and they can be complex. They can empower you, or they can knock you for six. And having good conversations has never been trickier than it is right now – in this digital age…..Which is where we come in.

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