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Our Core Principles
When partnering with a technology company, it’s critical to align in terms of culture, methodology, and the software itself. We have a clear view on how to drive performance improvement and it is resonating with HR and Talent leaders in the UK and beyond.

Quality conversations drive performance improvement
Annual and HR led talent models have not delivered. In fact they have been an obstacle to meaningful performance and development conversations. Evidence shows us that a framework of coaching style questions, supported by regular feedback and agile goals creates an environment of engagement, employee ownership and ultimately – performance improvement.

Simplicity is the key to adopting new technology
Complex, administration-heavy and contrived systems have failed. We have built the simplest performance platform in the market, recognising that managers and employees do want to perform at a high level – but need agile in-the-moment tools to support then in the fast-paced world of work. As well as the ongoing dialogue – we also created a simple way of capturing and collating key talent data to inform pay and succession decisions.

High-level visibility of performance engagement is crtical
Improving performance is a journey not a destination. So HR and Talent leaders need real-time insight into where performance engagement is and isn’t happening. Neither the carrot or the stick work. It’s about building a culture of accountability, communication and transparency. None of which can be achieved with annualised ‘tick-box’ data.

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