Introducing Nicky Hoyland, founder and CEO of challenger tech brand Huler and CEO at MCG and DBLX. A Manchester girl, raised by her inspirational single mum, was working as a trainer at EE, saw a problem and came up with a solution, starting her own business under 30. In a male-dominated industry she’s built a 6-figure business from scratch with a client list to be envious of. Her company exists to arm people with the technology to make positive and lasting change in their business. Nicky is dedicated to revolutionizing how we work and shaping the future of the learning industry using the latest tech. Leading an award-winning team of now 50+ brilliant people, she invests her time generously in each and every project, I guess some would say “walking the walk, as well as talking the talk”.

In a male dominated industry Nicky has paved her own path to success, never afraid to take a seat at the table. Inspirational but always approachable, Nicky’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach that allows her to authentically connect with people everywhere. She leads by example and takes time to encourages other women and promote the benefits of pursuing a career in tech. Nicky has recently worked with organisations such as ‘WomenInTech Network’ and ‘Girls Who Code’ on her mission to close the gender gap in tech.

Having to provide for herself from a young age, looking after her mum who became ill, Nicky has an unwavering work ethic and drive. She dedicates long hours and to her team and the success of the company with passion and a hands-on leadership style. Follow @thenickyh on twitter and you will see her engaging with our US audience on #HRSocialHour – at 1am UK time!

Since founding her business, she has been instrumental in driving its growth. As a true leader, Nicky is driving positive change across the HR tech industry, providing practical advice and solutions for many businesses.

As a gay woman, now working with some of the world biggest brands she wants to use her platform to inspire young women around the world. Growing up Nicky had no visibly gay female leaders to look up too, who were CEOs or in positions of power so she dedicates her time generously to inspiring girls around the world to take a seat at the table and promoting the benefits of diversity to organisations. Building businesses that have the tools to find, nurture and develop their people and talent, in discriminate of a persons, race, sex or background.

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