I am a strategist and innovator with a passion for people and transformational change. I love to build ideas from the ground-up in a way that delivers on deep-seated human values and needs and drives employee/customer experience

Strengths (via StrengthsFinder):
– Futuristic – pioneering, inventive, visionary
– Achiever – results-driven, reliable, goal-oriented
– Empathy – intuitive, inclusive, adaptable
– Responsibility – values-driven, accountable, improvement-oriented
– Input – thoughtful, attentive and learning-focused

Personality (via MBTI):
ENFJ – “The Giver”: Live in the world of people possibilities; understand and care about people and have a special talent of bringing out the best in others; make things happen

Talents (via Fascinate)
Catalyst – Out of the box; creative; energizing; enthusiastic

Work style (Via Give & Take)
87% Giver; 13% Matcher; 0% Taker
– Look for potential and see the best in others; connect people; mentor; invest in others’ success

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