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Leaders failing to inspire confidence

One of the most critical components of leadership is the ability to inspire confidence. After all, if nobody is following, you’re not leading. DecisionWise recently completed an extensive analysis of its latest Employee Survey results. These results are taken from over 9.2 million responses to questions related to employee engagement across various industries, companies, job […]

Brands ignoring social media customer feedback

Brands are ignoring advice offered by consumers on Twitter and Facebook, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by social media monitoring company Brandwatch. The online study, which questioned more than 2,000 British consumers on brand interaction, found that half (50 percent) of respondents complain because they want companies to learn from their mistakes rather than […] boom and bust – second time around

Social media companies, once hailed by their Silicon Valley boosters as world-changing businesses with limitless potential, are instead proving a sobering reminder of how investors can be seduced by Internet hype. With few exceptions, the first wave of social media firms to trade on the public markets has delivered a disastrous performance that conjures memories […]

Engagement and well-being key to business

FTSE 100 firms will soon be ranked on how well they report on staff engagement and wellbeing after research revealed a “critical link” between effective HR management and organisational performance. Charity Business In The Community intends to launch its Workwell pilot project this autumn, following a study that found FTSE 100 companies with robust processes in place […]

Contact centres at home in South Africa

South Africa remains one of the leading destinations for business process outsourcing (BPO) in the world, with the contact center and outsourcing industry expected to reach over $3 billion in value by 2016, according to market research company Frost & Sullivan. The call centre market in South Africa is well-established and highly sophisticated in terms […]

Social and mobile – the customer future

The results of Empathica’s Consumer Insights Panel survey of more than 6500  consumers show that mobile and social customer experience strategies are becoming more important than ever for brands, with retail and restaurant consumers using these channels to make decisions – even while in-store. Survey results also revealed that the use of mobile technology has […]

Leadership key to employee engagement

There is a “significant link” between employees’ engagement with their job and their well-being, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD’s) latest Employee Outlook survey. The report shows that engaged employees score much more highly against the Office for National Statistics’ ‘happiness index’. The index asked subjective questions relating to life satisfaction […]

Loyalty schemes path to retailer growth

Customer loyalty is a key growth strategy in the retail market, according to research by Eccomplished, which found that 74% of all UK retailers (and specifically 88% of online retailers) say they are prioritising investment in customer loyalty and retention programmes. However according to Steve Rivers, managing director for Intelligent Reach, a founder member of […]

Getting a 360 degree customer view?

Pitney Bowes Software (PBS), a global provider of data management, predictive analytics and communications management solutions is releasing its flagship Data Management Platform, Spectrum. This release incorporates master data management capabilities with a future-proof approach that helps organisations build, extend, understand and leverage complex relationships and hierarchies within and across organisational boundaries and into the […]

Firstsource is first for families

Firstsource Solutions, a leading business process outsourcer that employs over 4,500 people in the UK and Ireland, has adopted a number of family-friendly policies to enable its employees to juggle a work-life balance more effectively, particularly during the long summer months. Firstsource has six contact centres in the UK and two in the Irish republic. […]