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Companies deaf to social service complaints

Over a quarter (26%) of Brits are complaining more now they can use social media to communicate with companies – but organisations simply aren’t listening. 17.5% of their complaints are left unanswered and an enormous 83% of those who have complained are unhappy with the response they received.  These are the headline findings of the […]

Big data investments mean big prizes

 The survey of business executives and IT leaders, conducted by business technology firm Avanade found that 84% of respondents believe that big data helps them make better business decisions, and that 73% of companies have already used their data to increase revenue. For the most part, these increases were achieved by growing existing revenue streams […]

Emotional employee engagement beats rational

Conducting employee surveys is a good thing, right? And surveys that reveal employees are highly engaged is even better, right? Not so fast, say researchers from the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and Kingston University. In a recent study, CIPD and KU researchers concluded that there are two types of employee engagement – transactional […]

Customers want to be listened to online

 With an ever-growing number of publicly accessible online communication choices available to consumers, a recent Maritz Research Consumer Preferences study shows consumers overwhelmingly want their voices to be heard by companies via the web.  They expect companies to be listening and the study also reveals that 85 percent of consumers are very happy when businesses […]

Retailers lagging on click-and-collect services

 Despite its growing popularity, less than half of the UK's top retailers (including grocery, department stores, clothing, general merchandise and home improvement) offer their customers a 'click and collect' service, according to a study of the UK's top 50 multi-channel retailers by IVIS Group.  The company's first annual multi-channel benchmark study found that only 44% […]

Most VoC initiatives are succeeding

 The survey, conducted by Verint with Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media, aimed to gauge the current state of VoC initiatives, and found that even though linking VoC results to bottom-line metrics can be difficult, most companies have an overwhelmingly positive view of the value of their VoC initiatives.  Data mining was cited as […]

Social service ROI is a winner

In fact according to Hypatia Research Group survey of more than 500 organisations, 17.8% of customer service and support executives realise greater than 5% return on investment – defined as a percentage of total annual marketing spend.    Another 20% realise between 3%-5% return on investment. Leslie Ament vice president, and senior analyst at Hypatia Research […]

Customers believe outsourcing bad for business

 The National Outsourcing Association commissioned a survey into public attitudes and was shocked by the findings. Customer attitudes are in contrast to a BusinessServices Association (BSA) survey last year that showed that outsourcing contributed eight percent of the UK's GDP, £14 billion in business taxes and £21 billion outsourcers' income tax, the NOA said.  The […]

Customer engagement and the bottom line

 In its "Annual Merchant Survey 2012," the e-tailing group surveyed 147 top retailers to examine the various methods businesses are using to measure customer engagement. Sponsored by Baynote, the study explores how successfully companies are integrating their findings from customer engagement analyses with their various customer strategies. The following statistics show the most popular measures […]

Global employee engagement on the up

  Aon Hewitt’s 2012 Global Engagement report, which analysed employee engagement trends of more than 3,100 organisations representing 9.7 million employees worldwide, found that 58 percent of employees were engaged in 2011, up from 56 percent from 2010. The analysis showed improvements in employee perception scores in three key areas in 2011: Effective leadership at […]