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Capita goes Full Circle

Analysts say the acquisition of South African firm Full Circle will open doors for the UK outsourcing firm. Capita will get better access to big global brand names such as Amazon, following the acquisition of call centre services firm Full Circle. According to Ovum analysts, the acquisition of South African firm Full Circle will see […]

Customers download call centre queue buster

A free app which saves people from being held in annoying queues at call centres, has been downloaded 10,000 times, saving every single user, on average, a hefty £76 per year. Entrepreneur and innovator Matt King, who launched the new WeQ4U app in March, says mobile users are flocking to download the time saving app […]

Making business sense of social media

QuestBack, a global leader in enterprise feedback management (EFM) and Social CRM is launching Listen & Act, a social engagement tool that allows organizations to transform social media messages into actionable dialogues and seamlessly integrate these insights into CRM data, generating ROI and revenues. Social media is the fastest growing communication channel today. With the […]

Customer service route back to trust

Cridland says customer service is the best path to build consumer confidence and stimulate sustainable, long-term recovery. Speaking at the 15th AGM of the Institute of Customer Service, John Cridland said:  “Customers want to deal with organisations they can trust to keep their promises. The organisations who will achieve long-term success are those that put […]

How to improve the mobile customer experience

The mobile and tablet consumer represents an increasingly important segment, according to Ingrid Froehlich of SDL Web Content Management Solutions, who explains how marketers can create better customer experiences that build greater engagement and loyalty using this growing channel.   Mobile marketing and tablet marketing are often discussed in the same breath, mostly because they […]

How retail can engage customers across channels

Retail stores have the opportunity to engage customers both online and in-store. Because customers no longer have to leave their homes to shop, retailers have the ability to engage customers and develop relationships across numerous channels. However, many retailers haven't yet fully embraced the resources available. As part of their most recent research report, Real […]

Bank customers are still loyal!

Despite the longest recession since 2008 and the current banking crises, an annual survey of customer loyalty in the UK has found that two out of three (66%) Britons feel most loyal to their bank or building society – a trend that has prevailed over the past four years since The Logic Group started conducting […]

Customer satisfaction linked to share performance

Companies showing higher scores on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and the National Customer Satisfaction Index UK (NCSI-UK) are also producing higher stock returns than competitors and greatly outperforming market indices, according to a study from the University of Michigan. The study examined the relationship between customer satisfaction and financial success by creating portfolios […]

Rapide writes rules for retailers

With falling sales figures and the high-street in turmoil, offering an excellent customer experience has never been more essential for retailers. Rapide, the Moments of Truth Company, has released its top tips for the future of customer experience in their latest thought leadership paper. Research shows that 70% of customer defection is down to poor […]

Olympic security shambles – what next?

Stuff happens. When organising something as big as the Olympic Games some things are bound to go wrong. Sometimes the failures are simply funny. Just one day after its public unveiling in Trafalgar Square, the official 500 day Countdown Clock stopped counting down. It was a real-egg-on-face moment for LOCOG but harmless black comedy for […]