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Fewer outsourcing contracts going around

The number of new IT and business process outsourcing contracts worldwide dropped by 20% to 411 in the second quarter from 516 in the same quarter a year ago, with average contract values also sliding, a research firm said. "The market is growing, but the pace of growth is slowing down," said Salil Dani, practice […]

Online customer engagement key to recovery

Online businesses account for 8.3% of Britain’s economy but we can expect even stronger future growth from this sector according to Gary David Smith – co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.   “Britain’s online businesses generated more than £121 billion for the UK economy in 2010 which is the equivalent of about £2,000 for each […]

Cloud based CRM floats past in house platforms

Businesses are reporting high levels of confidence in cloud-based CRM systems, with more than half saying they see better value from these systems than from their in-house equivalents, according to recent research from cloud CRM provider Really Simple Systems. The survey found that adoption of cloud CRM systems has soared over the course of the […]

Engaging today’s empowered consumer for profit

Now that customers routinely rely on many sources of information and discuss brands with each other online before engaging with the brands themselves, the rules of customer engagement have changed. But as a new e-book from Sitecore “Engaging with the Empowered Consumer: Tips for the E-Marketer,” explains, these empowered consumers actually represent more value for […]

Social media missing on employee engagement

Much has been made of the potential of social media when it comes to employee engagement but research has revealed that employers are failing to harness this power. Two-fifths of workers would be happy to talk to their line manager over Facebook, and a fifth say they would tweet the head of their department and […]

Customer feedback just being wasted

Ventana Research’s latest Benchmark Research on The Role of Feedback in Customer Experience Management is designed to gain insight into how customer feedback can be better utilized to enhance the customer experience and deliver business value through a broader understanding of the consumer. The proliferation of new communication channels makes it possible for consumers to […]

Olympics a working from home bonanza

Fears before the Olympics that more than one million sports mad visitors to Britain would swamp the digital infrastructure of the Country and bring public transport to a halt have proved totally unfounded according to a leading UK IT entrepreneur. “ ISP’s have held up fine despite the massive increase in users,” said Gary David […]

Penny dropping on customer experience and profits

Temkin Group has released its new research report, The Future of Customer Experience. The research examines how customer experience (CX) management has evolved and where it is heading. The research shows that 59% of large companies have ambitions to be industry leaders in customer experience within three years. At the same time, Temkin Group estimates […]

QuestBack on social media mission

Hypatia Research Group has ranked QuestBack a top performer among 24 Social Analytics & Intelligence (SA&I) vendors in its 2012 GalaxyTM Vendor Evaluations. In the report titled "Social Analytics & Intelligence: Converting Contextual to Actionable Insights," Hypatia Research cites QuestBack’s solid corporate vision and the power of its solutions to help organizations utilize social channels […]

Nine in ten employees ‘engaged’ at work

A study by HR consultancy ETS has found almost nine out of 10 employees describe themselves as being ‘engaged’ at work.  Of this number, 30%of employees say that they are 'highly engaged'. The research, which features UK-based workers and was carried out by HR consultancy ETS, confounds suggestions elsewhere that employee engagement is low. This […]