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Consumers gravitating to mobile channels

Consumers making purchases via mobile devices have increased from 40% to 59% since 2012, while the use of laptops for online purchases – although still most popular by far – fell by 6 percentage points during the same period, according to the '2013 Consumer Retail Survey' from Stibo Systems. Today's sophisticated consumer is much more […]

Beware the employee skills gap

The growing deficit of skilled labour needed to fill in-demand jobs is causing a drag on employers across the globe. A significant number of employers in the ten largest world economies said that extended job vacancies have resulted in lower revenue and productivity and the inability to grow their businesses.  Employers in China were the most […]

Starbucks smells the social coffee

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has announced the launch of an innovative new cross-channel, multi-brand loyalty programme, along with new global social impact initiatives. The company's existing My Starbucks Rewards loyalty and rewards programme is to be expanded to allow customers to earn rewards for grocery channel purchases, which can later be redeemed in Starbucks retail […]

UK Social Media Research – Free report

To receive your copy of the research report Register for the Recording of our Social Media Webinar. Shortly after registration you will receive an email from SAP with the report. Social Media Webinar recorded on 26th March How social media is driving consumer buying behaviour – ground breaking UK research Presenters: Steve Hurst, Editorial Director, Customer Engagement […]

B2B customer engagement – it’s emotional

B2B companies who systematically measure and monitor their customer engagement can lessen their dependence on lowest prices – and increase revenues and profitability. When a B2B company wins a contract, the perception is that the process was completely rational and non-emotional, unlike a consumer purchase. But in fact, the reverse is true. When consumers make […]

Google still the brand culture vulture

Added Value has revelaed the cultural vibrancy of 160 brands from across fifteen sectors in its third annual Cultural Traction™ 2013 report . The Top Ten on a global basis are:          Google          Apple          Samsung          IKEA          Microsoft          Sony          BMW          Audi          Coca-Cola          eBay   The Cultural Traction™ […]

Leaders lacking social media savvy

A resistance to change and a lack of social media savvy amongst senior leaders is holding organisations back from rebuilding trust and fostering cultures of openness, collaboration and innovation in their organisations. That’s according to new CIPD research on the current landscape of social media and employee voice. The CIPD is urging employers to recognise […]

Sickness killing customer service delivery

A survey of 200 organisations has revealed that sickness and absence is still the major issue affecting service delivery and the customer experience. Cognito, the workforce management specialist, commissioned Redshift Research to survey 200 business managers responsible for mobile workers in the UK, to examine the key hurdles to delivering service excellence. Sickness ranked as […]

Ten steps to single view of customer

In today's information economy, businesses have the opportunity to collect and analyse an increasingly vast array of customer data through their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. But what steps can they take in order to reach that single-view nirvana, asks Mark Dunleavy, UK managing director for Informatica. And of course […]

How customer behaviour is revolutionising retail

The retail sector is in a state of flux. While the squeeze on consumer spending is having a largely detrimental impact on the High Street, online retail sales are continuing to enjoy strong growth. And while a number of well known retail brands have disappeared over the past couple of years, others are not only […]