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Patient feedback and social media

One of the most compelling images from the Olympic opening ceremony was the tribute to the NHS, unifying a Britain that is increasingly a digital nation says Andrew Jackson, healthcare IT consultant and social media professional at Dell. This digital future lies at the heart of the NHS Information Strategy, which seeks to transform our […]

Emails to customers – it’s all about the timing

The effects on both engagement and revenue of controlling exactly when marketing emails reach the consumer's inbox has been highlighted by research from email service provider StrongMail, which has surveyed the email delivery performance capabilities and objectives of over 700 businesses. The 'Email Delivery Performance Survey 2012' study found that 80% of business leaders reported […]

The rise of the multichannel contact centre – at long last

New research published by ContactBabel, the contact centre industry analysts, reveals that over 17% of interactions handled by UK contact centres are through email, web chat or social media.  Web chat between customers and agents has risen from 0.7% of all inbound traffic to UK contact centres to 1.3% this year, with social media appearing […]

Work ethic best path to the top

The majority (56%) of UK HR directors – when asked for their top three traits for gaining a promotion – believe that work ethic is the single most important attribute for employees to display, with nearly half (49%) of those questioned saying that demonstrating leadership was the second most sought after quality, according to new […]

Mind the employee engagement gap

The gap was largest for compensation/pay, at 38 percentage points, followed by communication between employees and senior management, at 35 percentage points. The importance/satisfaction gap for job security was 31 percentage points. In addition to examining 35 aspects of employee job satisfaction, SHRM researchers explored 34 aspects of employee engagement. This distinction is an important […]

Employee engagement ‘linked to trust in execs’

A global survey conducted by consultants BlessingWhite also found that the potential effect of trust in senior leaders is most pronounced in the UK according to HR magazine. Of the 30 per cent of European employees who exhibited engagement, 36 per cent trusted their line manager, but just under half had trust in their senior […]

No mobile strategy no customer strategy

Mobile social networks, mobile applications stores and location-based services will be three of the highest value mobile services to reach widespread adoption in the next two years, according to Gartner, Inc. Digital marketing leaders who do not yet have strategies in place to exploit these opportunities need to take steps to develop them now. Gartner […]

One in seven online reviews will be faked by 2014

Brand and reputation management is considered a key element of social media marketing. But what happens when forums, blogs, tweets and “likes” are sabotaged by hackers, competitors and other villains intent on destroying a company's reputation? As many as 15% of online reviews will be fake by 2014, according to research company Gartner Inc., which […]

An omnichannel first for John Lewis

John Lewis hasopened the first of its new full line flexible format department stores in Exeter city centre, marking the start of an exciting new phase in the retailer's accelerated growth strategy.  Leveraging the business' strength as an omnichannel retailer, the new shop offers a full John Lewis assortment, complemented by a comprehensive on-line operation. […]

Government’s ‘employee-owners’ scheme gets thumbs down

The employee-owner schemes were announced by Chancellor George Osborne in his speech at the Conservative Party Conference. This change in employment law would enable employees to receive between £2,000 and £50,000 worth of shares in the company they work for, but in exchange they would lose many employment rights, such as protection against wrongful dismissal, […]