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Three key drivers of employee engagement

A recent study by MSW Research and Dale Carnegie Training explores key drivers of employee engagement – and reaffirms the critical role of an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager. Employee engagement is important because “engaged employees” are more committed and productive. The study, What Drives Employee Engagement And Why It Matters, also has […]

Wellbeing critical to employee engagement

For companies trying to choose between improving employee engagement and boosting workforce wellbeing, Gallup research provides good news. "Employers can improve both aspects at the same time," says Jim Harter, Ph.D., Gallup's chief scientist of workplace management and wellbeing. What's more, the research strongly suggests that "the nature of the work environment may have more […]

Nine customer engagement New Year Resolutions for 2013

Forget the cloud – but not entirely, because it’s probably a given. 2013 will be all about that small device we carry about everywhere, something called omnichannel, and reversing workforce management to help the customer to help you. Richard McCrossan, Strategic Business Director at Genesys shares his list of New Year Resolutions. 1: Reduce the […]

Customer Contact Innovations Awards 2013

Showcasing fantastic new solutions to age old problems, they all demonstrate real improvements for both the business and the customer experience. Presented by the Professional Planning Forum, the winners will be announced at Customer Strategy & Planning 2013 on April 29-30 at Chesford Grange, Warwickshire, where the finalists will be speaking about how they achieved […]

Mobile CRM key to 360 degree customer view

With more people going mobile as both consumers and workers, there is more reason than ever for companies to upgrade their CRM systems to enable remote access. But while recent research shows that many businesses are doing this, it also shows that more than half are dragging their feet when it comes to allowing employees […]

Website security still baffles online shoppers

Nearly two out of three consumers (64%) in the UK say they are unhappy about providing any financial information online, and 47% are unhappy about buying a product online from a website or company they have never heard of before, according to a study by in conjunction with Redshift Research. To make matters worse […]

Digital customer service in 2013 – ten trends to watch for

The mobile channel is still changing the marketing game, day by day and month by month, while increasing demand by consumers for personalisation has become a hot topic among marketers, according to service design consultancy Fjord. The company has compiled its annual list of the major trends that will shape digital services during the coming […]

2013 – the year of the Chief Customer Officer

Over the last five years Forrester Research has reported a marked increase in the number of companies with a single executive leading customer experience efforts across a business unit or an entire company: 2013 will be the year we see the exception become the rule. Companies of all shapes and sizes finally start to realise, […]

Festive greetings from the Customer Engagement Network

May we take this opportunity to thank all of you in our Customer Engagement Network – and there are 20,000 of you – for your interest and support during 2012. It has been a difficult year with tough economic conditions prevailing throughout, but also with great opportunities for those who get their employee and customer […]