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Ryanair pilots vote for more strikes

UK-based Ryanair pilots have voted for seven further days of strikes as part of a row over pay and conditions. The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) said it wanted to settle the dispute, but Ryanair has refused to seek conciliation. Pilots are currently on strike after also walking out from 22-23 August. Ryanair said the […]

Huawei accuses US of cyber attacks

Huawei has accused the US government of “using every tool at its disposal” to disrupt its business. In a press release on Tuesday, the Chinese tech giant said the US had launched cyber-attacks to infiltrate its networks and was threatening its employees. The firm, which was put on a US trade blacklist this year, did […]

Digital transformation projects continue to be at risk

Despite rising optimism in digital transformation, the vast majority of organisations are still suffering failure, delays or scaled back expectations from digital transformation projects, research from Couchbase has found. In the survey of 450 heads of digital transformation in enterprises across the U.S., U.K., France and Germany, 73% of organisations have made “significant” or better […]

Half of Chiquito restaurants under threat

Half of Chiquito restaurants are under threat following a review by their owners, the Restaurant Group. In March, it identified 76 Frankie & Benny’s restaurants in what it now considers to be unfavourable locations and it has now highlighted 42 more sites, which are mainly Chiquitos. Restaurant Group reported a loss for the first half […]

M&S may be removed from FTSE 100

The end of an era is looming for Marks and Spencer, with the retail giant expected to be relegated from the FTSE 100 index of Britain’s biggest listed companies on Wednesday. If it is demoted, it will be the first time M&S has not been a FTSE 100 member since the index was launched in […]

So which Nations work longest and shortest hours

When counting down those last few minutes until the weekend, your next holiday, or even lunchtime, have you considered how hard you are working in comparison to other people? To answer this, RS Components have analysed International Labour Organisation data for almost 100 countries to see who is working the most and the least. According […]

Sickness absence and presenteeism in small businesses

Employees are an important part of any business. But in SMEs, a smaller team means that your people are even more vital to the overall success of your business. So, when a team member is off work due to ill health it can have a noticeable impact. However, employees turning up to work despite being […]

Businesses urged to make social-value driven decisions

As of this summer, the UK government will consider the social value of an organisation when awarding government contracts. The move is expected to transform the process of government procurement, better support small businesses, and reduce impact on the environment. This purpose driven approach to procurement will attract a more diverse range of companies bidding […]

Google finds ‘indiscriminate iPhone attack lasting years’

Security researchers at Google have found evidence of a “sustained effort” to hack iPhones over a period of at least two years. The attack was said to be carried out using websites which would discreetly implant malicious software to gather contacts, images and other data. Google’s analysis suggested the booby-trapped websites were said to have […]

BBC Studios: Why customer satisfaction starts with an engaged workforce

By Elizabeth Akass, Editor, Engage Business Media BBC Studios explains why improving customer satisfaction begins with leaders actively working to drive employee productivity and motivation through engaging them on a personal level and progressing company culture.  BBC Studios is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC Group with over 50 years of experience in making beloved […]