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Brand loyalty hangs on emotional engagement

Apple, Amazon, Samsung, YouTube, and Twitter led the 'Top 100 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List' for 2012, marking the first time the annual list has seen such a seismic shift in loyalty leadership, in terms of new categories and brands making appearances in the top 100. According to Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys' founder and president, […]

UK insurers struggle to deliver customer experience

Study uncovers growing chasm between best and worst insurers across the web, email and social media channels with just 30% of emails answered successfully Despite the need to overcome mounting competition and diminishing consumer loyalty, the online customer experience provided by UK insurers has deteriorated over the last year, with less than half (48%) of […]

Five million complaints a year just too many

Gas and energy firms are receiving up to 5 million complaints a year, most of which are caused by poor levels of customer service, according to newly published performance data from Ofgem. Aspect’s Tony Hesketh believes that it’s not the dealing with the complaints that has become an issue – it’s reducing the number of […]

Voice of the Customer Forum Report

Customers are playing an increasingly important strategic role in the development of organisations’ services and products across channels and the Voice Of the Customer is critical to the development of customer engagement strategies.   These were two of the key conclusions that came from the Customer Engagement Network’s Directors Forum on Voice Of the Customer […]

Customer Engagement in the Retail Sector Forum, 20th March 2013

The retail sector is in a state of flux. While the squeeze on consumer spending is having a largely detrimental impact on the High Street, online retail sales are continuing to enjoy strong growth. And while a number of well known retail brands have disappeared over the past couple of years, others are not only […]

Retail experience hinging on new technology

A study by The Control Group reveals new details about the evolution of retail technology. As reported, retail technology "will drive significant change in the retail experience by providing more immersive, personalized and cohesive brand experiences as well as new mechanisms for capturing, measuring, and understanding consumer behaviour." The study notes, "Brick-and-mortar retail hasn't changed […]

Women looking for brand love this Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day upon us new research reveals that women across the country are looking for love online, and not in the way we’ve all become accustomed with. It seems that women are looking for love from companies and brands in return for sharing their positive experiences online – after all, it’s a two-way relationship. […]

Recession costs the UK retail sector £23billion

New research into the future of retail and released just as clothes retailer Republic called in the administrators has revealed the massive cost of the recession to retailers  – and shows that retail is set to lose out still further as consumers find more ways outside of retail to spend their discretionary income. Discretionary spend […]

UK customer relations like loveless marriages

British companies are failing to keep the love alive with customers, according to a St Valentine’s Day survey from Strativity. In a poll of 402 managers and directors, 69% feel they are either in an open marriage or in an on-again-off-again relationship. Any loyalty from customers is due to inertia, not delight. The survey, released […]

A Brave New Real Time World of analytics

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics continues to be a top CIO investment priority, and yet user surveys by Gartner, Inc. show that only 30 per cent of potential users in an organisation adopt CIO-sponsored analytics tools. This appears to be changing as organisations invest in making analytics "invisible," and more consumable and accessible, to the […]