Employee Engagement

Dianne Bown-Wilson, chief executive of the specialist consultancy In My Prime, said that older workers provide companies with much-needed stability.

They are also more motivated. This is because this demographic, once in a particular position, tend to remain committed to it for a number of years, she added.

In contrast, young employees, who are always on the lookout for the next best thing, tend to be less stable in this regard. "They have also shown their reliability is higher than younger people generally. They turn up for work on time and on the day to day basis, they take less sick leave – although they may take longer periods of sick leave if they get a serious illness," Ms Bown-Wilson went on to say.

"They are unlikely, however, to just take off odd days for sickness. As well as, of course, the underlying thing that older people do have the experience of life and hopefully if they are taken on, they will have actual skills for the role they are being employed for."


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