Messaging platform iAdvize started using ‘Facebook at Work’ in July 2015 and it is now the company’s number one internal communications tool. More than 90% of employees use the business version of Facebook every day and generate an average of 1,000 interactions on a daily basis (posts, likes and comments).

Facebook at Work is a business version of Facebook that allows companies to build more productive, efficient and collaborative workplaces. It is easy-to-use, secure and available on desktop and mobile devices, along with its complementary messaging tool, Work Chat. iAdvize was pre-selected to be one of the first companies in Europe to take part in the private beta of the solution before its official launch.

More than 1,000 posts, likes and comments a day

113 groups have been created since ‘Facebook at Work’ was launched at iAdvize. The two most prolific groups are iAdvize Team and Gong; in the latter, employees can share personal and team achievements with the rest of the company – a new client, a successful deployment, a product innovation, the launch of a communication campaign, etc.

On average, there are more than 1,000 interactions every day including posts, likes and comments. The use of surveys is also widespread, enabling employees to gather their colleagues’ feedback on different topics.

Thanks to the Watch group, ‘Facebook at Work’ has also become the best place to share articles, research and other resources about news and trends related to iAdvize’s market, real-time customer engagement. Just like with Facebook, the ability to add hashtags and tag people optimises the impact of posts.

For Sophie de l’Estourbeillon, Head of Human Resources, “‘Facebook at Work’ has really improved the circulation and management of information within the different teams but also between them. Furthermore, due to iAdvize’s strong growth, 10 to 20 people join the company every month. In this context, ‘Facebook at Work’ has proved to be a wonderful tool for newcomers, facilitating their integration and understanding of our company culture”.

Upon their arrival at iAdvize, newcomers start out with a ‘Facebook at Work’ account. It is where they can find all the information about the integration process and can also view the profiles of their new colleagues to work out who’s who! “We encourage all colleagues to create a profile and add a photo”, says Sophie de l’Estourbeillon.

On average, 5 events are organised every month via ‘Facebook at Work’

The ‘Events’ feature makes it very easy get people together for a talk, a meeting or a corporate event. On average, 5 events are created every month. Thanks to ‘Facebook at Work’, Julien Hervouët, iAdvize’s CEO, can gather questions from employees before his monthly talk, during which he shares the company’s results, objectives. He can then include the answers to these questions in his presentation.

In 2016, iAdvize will be opening offices in the UK and Germany; 100 people will be joining the company. ‘Facebook at Work’ will be a key tool in supporting the company’s growth and will be of great help to international teams.

Key figures:

  • More than 90% of employees use ‘Facebook at Work’ every day
  • 75% of employees use the ‘Facebook at Work’ mobile app an average of 1,000 interactions a day
  • 113 groups have been created since the launch
  • iAdvize Team is the biggest group with 143 members the smallest is, unsurprisingly, The Matthieu group with 3 members on average, 5 events are created every month on ‘Facebook at Work’; international evenings, conferences, races, Movember events, the Christmas party and many more.

Examples of active groups:

  • Gong: where employees can share personal and team achievements with the rest of the company – a new client, a successful deployment, a product innovation, the launch of a communication campaign, etc.
  • 1 day, 1 customer: where employees post short customer success stories with a meaningful figure or fact.
  • The Genie’s tips: where anyone can share good deals – a great restaurant, a baby-sitter, an idea for a gift, etc.
  • Newbies:where newcomers can find all the necessary information to help them through the first days/weeks/months (integration process, practical questions, etc.).
  • Product News: where you can find out about all product evolutions and innovations.
  • The Genie Running team: where runners can organise lunchtime runs and plan group participations in official races.

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