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In a new report from Freedom Finance, the disparities and challenges of three generations are analysed to explore key factors that could be impacting the 2018 workforce and question the age-old argument – who had it worse?

While considering recurring trials within British businesses such as job security and workplace stress, the study actually highlights a more concerning challenge facing young females in business with only 42% of young Brits feeling women have more opportunities within the workplace now than generations before them.

Women in business are no better off than their grandmothers were

Although official figures show a steady increase of women in the labour market over the decades, the huge disparity between the genders in senior roles, entrepreneurs and even start-up funding is emphasised further with findings such as these that indicate a worrying lack of confidence young British women feel when it comes to their chances of success in business.

The findings reveal that just over a third of Millennial Brits feel women have more opportunities within the workplace that those standing in their shoes fifty years previous.

And this is far from an over-reaction from the so-called “snowflake” generation; their predecessors would agree with only 38% of Gen X and 46% of Baby Boomers believing young British women have more opportunities within the workplace than they did.

Are our jobs safe?

The findings surrounding job security reflect this further as 42% of female workers studied felt some level of concern over the security of their current roles.

This is also evident within the Millennial workforce with not even 1 in 4 (23%) admitting they feel ‘completely safe’ within their current roles.

Where best to be women in business

Speaking with workers all over the country, the new report suggests employees in the East Midlands feel that women have much better opportunities than those before them, with 51% of those from the region feeling the positive changes.

Findings from the North East would suggest the biggest lack of confidence when it comes to opportunities for females within the workplace as less than 1 in 3 believe they are better off than their grandparents.

Regions from best to worst based on where employees feel women have more opportunities in the workplace than those before them:

Region % feel there are more opportunities
South East 53%
East Midlands 51%
East Anglia 49%
Northern Ireland 48%
London 45%
Scotland 41%
West Midlands 40%
North West 40%
South West 39%
Yorkshire and the Humber 37%
Wales 36%
North East 31%

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