How to Kickstart your Employee Wellness Programme

HR professionals tend to spend a lot of time on the procedural tasks that help keep employees ticking over and less time helping them to excel – on neither a professional nor a personal level.   160x600

As a result, wellness programmes have typically been considered nice to have, rather than an employer’s duty. But the more we’ve explored the topic, the more evidence has surfaced about the positive correlation between employee wellness and business performance.

Wellness programmes don’t just reduce absenteeism, they increase engagement, performance and retention too. But to get these results, we need to think beyond purely physical fitness: the best programmes also cater for employees’ financial, emotional, and mental wellness.

To put this eBook together, we spoke to representatives of leading health and wellbeing charities and not-for-profit organisations, as well as practitioners at the coal face of HR.

Download it to learn:

  • How employee wellness programmes reduce absence and improved business performance.
  • How to secure senior leadership buy-in to your employee wellness programme.
  • The elements of a successful wellness programme.
  • The impact work stress has on health, and which UK cities are most affected.
  • 8 simple steps to launching a best-in-class employee wellness programme.


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