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As businesses start to design post-pandemic workplaces, many are proposing adaptable remote work arrangements. This is creating a hybrid working space, with some teams in the office and others working from home. A distributed workforce is meant to impact day-to-day operations, and leaders and CEOs and their teams may need new systems, habits, and tools.

In 2021 and maybe long after, the situation will be more complex, as workers need “technology parity” (seamless connectivity, access to apps and data, and user experience) regardless of where teams are working from, be it on the road, in the office, or working remotely from the very comfort of their couch. As such, IT and corporate leaders have to come together to assess their plan to end-user computing to guarantee that employees are well-equipped and green-lighted to innovate, remain competitive, and sane, regardless of where they are.

Some organizations have already adapted notably to the chance, yet planning for the future demands enduring efforts. Looking at a post-pandemic future, some businesses are already studying a new working model that blends in-office hours with remote work- Hybrid Workplace Model.

What is the Hybrid Workplace Model? 
While businesses are yet striving to become fully effective, the idea of a “hybrid workplace” has offered many the confidence to cope with the mounting crisis. Through experimentation and innovation, new concepts began to help preserve the situation and provide as much as necessary.

A working environment that promotes hybrid employees has plenty of advantages for a business regarding revenue production, cross-cutting, employee satisfaction, and many more. Everything depends on how the management will implement it to become successful while working remotely.

To put it simply, the hybrid workplace model should arrange how teams come to the workplace from time to time to tackle the rest of the tasks by working from wherever they feel safe. It’s a relatively new method that businesses adopt to realize a seamless workflow while facing the COVID-19 crisis.

The idea of building a hybrid model is the tomorrow of how businesses are going to operate. And as it seems, it’s here to set in as businesses have to make the change and tackle these new changes while supporting commitment levels and encouraging productivity.

Redefine Workspace
Speaking of “location,” a hybrid organization isn’t merely a stretch of boardrooms, cubicles, and shared areas littered with errant sticky notes and old grinds of coffee. Instead, a workplace should now be a digital hub where businesses equip their teams with the tools needed to complete the task at hand regardless of where they are.

Currently, we’re witnessing companies making significant on-site modifications through improved focus on reconfigured workplaces and meeting rooms, team management solutions, workforce safety precautions, and more.

Past the hybrid workforce, spectrum are your remote employees – those spending lots of time in their home offices (bedrooms or kitchen tables) across the nation (or world), still tasked with guaranteeing your company’s success.

Modern cloud technology, end-user hardware, latest editing tools from PDFChef by Movavi, video conferencing, project management apps, fast messaging, and more are no longer corporate luxuries yet, they are infallible necessities for a thriving distributed work model.

Hybrid work is a sporadically chance for businesses to re-imagine how they can empower employees by allowing them to work from anywhere with the technological suitability they felt in a regular office environment.

Offer Support
Most important things first: your main role as a manager, pandemic crisis or not, is to offer support to your employees. And do they ever need it? Amidst financial uncertainty, health crisis, and continuous social unrest, it’s been a harrowing year.

Teams are undergoing great stress, not to mention many could still be in shock. When that happens, it’s incumbent on managers to reach out.

You can start by having one-on-one video calls with your remote teams and socially distant chats with team members at work. Anything would do. Because it’s better than no action at all, and it’s beneficial for your employee’s wellbeing.

Ask employees about their individual circumstances: are there any personal concerns that could interfere with their professional life? You may have done a lot of this when everything started but continue to take the pulse of your team, as conditions have probable changed.

Many teams may feel resentful or uneasy when asked to return to the office during a pandemic; some may feel that working remotely leaves employees at a professional minus.

Encourage teams to speak out their feelings, anxieties, personal matters and give them “room to open up about their fears.” Prove them that you’re bound to making the current situation somewhat bearable for everyone on the team.

Equity is a Must
There some concerns and risks about which no one talks about in the business space, leave alone a hybrid one: CEOs can have their own biases and beliefs about certain workers.

Simply put, you will proceed in holding “your favourites” in high regard, and you will continue to see those you’re adversely predisposed to in not-so-bright light. Call it human nature, but that doesn’t make it right.

How to handle it? Pay attention. Are you inclined to offer the benefit of the doubt to the member you think is terrific? And do you rebate the needs of the worker who bothers you?

You should give heed to how you spend your day. With whom you’re spending the most time in your office? Is it the members who are in the office with you? Finally, make a rigorous effort to be better. Consider ways you can set all your employees for success, but don’t assume any of this will be as easy as pie.

There will surely face bumps along the way. But be patient and humble. It’s a new normalcy that demands new ways of being able to adapt, being flexible, and being present. The good news is you can take it as a modality to acquire new skills and apply systems that will back you up for the rest of your career.

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