Employee Engagement

Employee engagement- the art and science of involving and motivating employees to achieve business results – is examined in a new white paper titled, “Roadmap to Employee Engagement” by Dittman Incentive Marketing.

The paper reviews the reasons for leveraging employee engagement to drive business success—with increases in productivity, innovation, customer ratings, and stock returns among the many positive results of a properly structured and implemented program. “A well-designed engagement program provides employees with a path to achievement and maximum contribution, both of which drive business outcomes,” states Susan Adams, Dittman Incentive Marketing’s Director of Engagement.

But how do you create an effective program for your business? The answer lies in doing more than simply improving the work environment or handing out rewards, according to this report. Eight critical steps to program structure and implementation are identified and examined. The paper reveals the important distinction between simply implementing a rewards program and doing so with a clearly defined goal, strategy, and plan to communicate that information to employees and stakeholders. The paper also enumerates program considerations, action steps, budget guidelines, when and how to reward employees, how to measure ROI, as well as provides best-practices reference papers. Download a free copy today at

The white paper is based on Dittman Incentive Marketing’s 37 years of experience in engaging employees, helping companies develop the right mix of incentives, recognition, and rewards programs, inspiring stakeholders, and delivering on brand promises.


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