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The Future of Engagement Discussions from Hall 4

Matthew Gray
Matthews explained the journey of Corona Energy and how myCEO had worked in ensuring everyone was aligned to the business strategy. He was very clear on the principle of keeping transformational change simple and measuring employee behaviours by using customer metrics. I particular liked the fact he mentioned music bringing people together – this resonated with me, working in a young digital business, music brings commonality and if used to create employee experiences can improve engagement, which in turn improves performance and profitability.
Obi gave an inspiring talk about the transformation of both DHL Express and Tesco. By engaging employees and its direct line to customer satisfaction. Obi also discussed McKinsey 7 s framework and how he brought this to life within his transformation.
Moira Clark, Henley Business School
My particular favourite of the day, inspiring and motivational. Moira talked about having ‘Resonating your focus’ like an egg! The yoke being your target and the white being everything that helps you achieve it. From a customer experience perspective, this for me made a great analogy. If the yoke is the customer, what inputs/barriers do we have to ensure the customer gets the best experience. Promotional goals address customer aspirations and desired enhancements; examples being; idea generation, feeling important and knowledge acquisition.
Sally Earnshaw, Blue Sky
Sally gave an interesting and inspiring presentation with some great examples of businesses and what they have done differently to both engage employees and customers. Sally demonstrated this with aligned frameworks, that create climate, encourage behaviours and change the culture, at the heart of this are the symbolic acts and cultural signatures.

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Chair Report – Customer Engagement Summit 2017 – Alysin Fadel

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