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What Happened In Hall Two?

Those who saw out the whole day in Hall Two, and there were more than a few, were treated to a rich mix of topics.
The day kicked off with two financial service stories. One from Zurich Insurance. the other from Atom Bank. Both illustrated how the standards required to successfully engage customers continues to rise.
It seems both a deep understanding of what matters to customers and imaginative design of service experiences is required. And maybe even more important is the willingness to break with convention and try something new.
In Zurich’s case that meant a leap into the unknown with learning how to run a direct B2C business. For Atom, it meant taking on an entrenched industry and attracting the interest and passion of customers. I recently heard the global head of innovation at HSBC say that getting divorced is a more common consumer experience than swapping banks. So inertia is the challenge.
But Atom seems to be up for it. Everything they do is predicated on the mantra that ‘this is your bank’. Hence unique colour branding for each customer as a result of the on-boarding experience and a sophisticated level of interaction choices that include intelligent assistance which are smart enough to learn what matters to each customer over time.
More examples from the financial services sector followed later in the day and are well worth a mention while we are the topic of innovation.
Apparently it’s a harsh world if you need travel insurance when you have a severe but non-life threatening medical condition. The algorithm is trained to say sorry but no.
That is until Fiona Macrae decided this was both unjust and bad business. Based on her own personal situation, she has proven that both insurer and customer can win when a bit more care and qualification is brought to bear. The Travel Insurance Facilities Group was smart enough to listen to this experienced broker’s proposition and now enjoy a unique revenue stream with minimal risk. A great story well told.

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