Workers urged to shun overtime on work your proper hours day

Millions of workers put in £31.5 billion of unpaid overtime last year, a new study has shown. More than five million people worked an average of 7.7 extra hours a week without pay, worth over £6,000 each, said the TUC. Workers aged 40 to 44 were most likely to do unpaid overtime, with teachers doing […]

Up to half a million will call in sick today – National Sickie Day

It has been estimated that up to 500,000 employees will call in sick today, as the first Monday of February has been dubbed National Sickie Day. Whether it’s the ‘flu’ or a ‘stomach bug’, more workers traditionally pick this day to phone in sick than any other. Bosses have been criticised for making it too […]

Wellbeing vacuum in the workplace putting both people and businesses at risk

Despite increased business awareness of the importance of actively supporting health and well-being in the workplace, there remains a stubborn ‘implementation gap’ in UK workplaces, which is threatening individuals’ health and long-term business sustainability. This is according to a new report from the CIPD, ‘Growing the health and well-being agenda: From first steps to full […]

Financial Times to partner with VitalityHealth in workplace wellness survey

VitalityHealth has teamed with the Financial Times to launch Britain’s Healthiest Workplace. The survey will measure employer and employee responses to questions about health and lifestyle, providing an overview of Britain’s workplace culture and an understanding of how health can be improved. The survey, originally launched as Britain’s Healthiest Company in 2013, has become the […]

One in three say their organisation is negative about mental health problems

Recent research from Canada Life Group Insurance reveals that over half (57%) of UK employees have suffered from mental health problems while in employment, and a third (33%) say their employer approaches mental health issues in a negative way. Over one in ten (13%) employees say their organisation is dismissive and doesn’t take mental health […]

Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year is upon us

January 18 has been marked down as Blue Monday – the third Monday of January, when everything is supposedly at its most depressing. But was the day ever actually based on anything, or is it just a massive PR job? How was Blue Monday worked out? Psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall first calculated  that Blue Monday was mega […]

Call Centre workers have put on stone in weight in past year

One in five office workers have put on at least a stone in weight in the past year, and most believe spending all day at their desk is affecting their health, a new study has shown. A survey of 2,000 workers revealed that three out of four only leave their desk to go to the […]

How big data can resolve stress at work

On the eve of National Stress Awareness Day, Tom Marsden discusses how stress at work is a problem for everyone, not just the individual, and what businesses can do to prevent it Tomorrow is National Stress Awareness Day, so it’s as good a time as ever to take stock of the nature of our workplaces […]

Stress makes one in five sick but almost all lie about the reason

As National Stress Awareness Day approaches research reveals stress has forced one in five workers (19%) to call in sick, and 93 per cent of these people say they have lied to their boss about the real reason for not turning up. Wednesday 4th November marks National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD), an annual event organised […]