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Half of employees do nothing to relieve work stress

Time poor employees are not doing anything to relieve stress outside of work – ironically often due to not having the time – according to new research out today. A survey of 1,015 UK adults in employment carried out by learning marketplace, Obby.co.uk, revealed that 48% of British workers do little or nothing at all to relieve […]

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Sales workers are the most likely to comfort eat to deal with stress

Sales businesses should rethink vending machines and snack drawers at work, as workers in this industry are more likely than any other to comfort eat in order to deal with stress, according to new research. More than 1 in every 2 (54%) sales workers admit that stress has this effect on them, according to a […]


HR bosses are the most likely to take days off sick due to stress

A poll of 2,000 British workers found that HR bosses, responsible for staffing issues and dealing with employee law and sickness days, were the most frazzled by their work pressures. They even beat doctors and teachers. The study by Step One Recovery – a rehabilitation retreat in Spain – found that 90% of those polled […]