Countries which have an average working week that exceeds 48 hours die an average of two years earlier than those that work for 45 hours or less, new research shows. According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, countries with a high life expectancy between 82.2 and 84.2 years work an average of 40.7 hours per […]

UK employees move to flexible workplaces to improve their mental health

Nearly 40% of people who have flexible working state it has given marked improvements in their mental health, Wildgoose survey finds. Wildgoose − experts in team building and workforce morale − conducted a survey of workers aged 45 or under to ask their thoughts on flexible working. Employees from 114 companies from all backgrounds gave […]

Salesforce Apple and Deloitte best places to work in the UK and US says new research

Software organisation Salesforce technology business Apple and professional services firm Deloitte are the top three employers to work for in the UK and US, according to research by Power House Truths. The analysis used data from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, PayScale and annual organisational reports to compare business’ average salaries, benefits and employee reviews. More than 210,000 staff member reviews […]

Molson Coors launches new staff wellbeing initiative

Molson Coors Brewing Company has launched a new leave benefit for the more than 2,000 employees based in the UK and Ireland, providing an additional two weeks of paid leave for the purpose of aiding wellbeing. The benefit, named ‘life leave’, was introduced in July 2019. The policy has been designed to empower staff to improve […]

Standard life Aberdeen commits to supporting staff experiencing endometriosis

Investment management organisation Standard Life Aberdeen has been accredited as the UK’s first endometriosis friendly employer, committing to provide support for employees experiencing the condition. The new accreditation scheme, launched by national charity Endometriosis UK in June 2019, offers guidance to employers on how to support staff diagnosed with endometriosis. As part of the endometriosis friendly employer […]

One in two admit working extra hours affects relationships

Figures by the TUC revealed that, since 2001, the number of employees working 48-hour weeks has risen by a quarter of a million to three million, while half a million British workers suffered from work-related stress in 2018, and 44% said it was due to workload. With the World Health Organisation defining ‘burnout’ as “a […]

Government ushers in new cycle to work scheme

Commuters will have more opportunities to boost their health, benefit the environment and speed up their journey to work, thanks to updated Cycle to Work guidance. Cycling Minister Michael Ellis has announced a refreshed scheme today (9 June 2019), which could help many more commuters turn to greener journeys using e-bikes, 70,000 of which were […]