Voice of the Employee

Employees would rather go to the dentist than ask for a payrise

If the thought of asking for a pay rise makes you want to scrub the floors or spend quality time at the dentist’s surgery you’re not alone. While 65% of employees surveyed1 by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half have more confidence in their job prospects compared to a year ago, only 59% plan to ask […]

Turned down for a payrise? What’s your next move?

UK office workers are the most likely in Europe to look for a new job if they request a payrise but are turned down, according to new research by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half.  While a quarter (24%) of employees in the UK would seek alternative employment if their boss said no to a higher […]

Organisations failing to use employee feedback to drive strategic change

Organisations see the importance of listening to employees, but are failing to collect feedback often enough and are only using it tactically, rather than strategically with the vast majority carrying out employee surveys only one every one or two years These are the headline findings of recent pan-European research carried out by enterprise feedback management […]

1 in 3 employees would sell their company data ‘for the right price’

Only 39 per cent of UK employees recognise that sharing their organisations’ intellectual property could damage their companies if leaked, according to a new study. Around half of all employees have access to their firms’ intellectual property and a third believe they have access to information which is above their pay grade, a new study […]

7 in 10 workers think data theft is inevitable

Individuals’ attitudes towards personal security are transferring across to measures used at work, as new research finds that workers feel more vulnerable to cyber attacks compared to a year ago. Nearly two thirds of workers said that they felt more at risk of attack, while 71 per cent called an instance of data theft “inevitable”, research […]

UK IT professionals trust their boards more than those in US

IT professionals in the UK trust the corporate boards of their companies more than those working in IT in the US, a new survey has discovered. Overall trust in board members’ knowledge of and decisions regarding cyber security was high in the survey, with the majority of respondents voicing positive opinions on their board’s capabilities. […]

Calls for business to take action as UK workforce hit by childcare costs

A new report published by the Family and Childcare Trust, alongside Parental Choice, has revealed for the first time that the high cost of childcare is preventing millions of parents from working, with industries who rely on shift work being particularly hit. Currently, over 4.4 million parents (34% of all parents with dependent children) are […]

UK workers reluctant whistle blowers unless…

A third of UK workers would be afraid to reveal illegal or dangerous practices by their employer, a survey has claimed. The main reasons given were a fear of losing their job, the impact it would have on their career and how they would be treated by colleagues. However, the number of people willing to […]

Pizza Express delivers on employee and customer demands

Following complaints from its employees and supported by customers, Pizza Express is to remove an 8% administration fee on staff tips made by card. The fee will stop on October 6 and follows a campaign by unions to allow restaurant workers to keep tips left by customers. Pizza Express said a new automated system will […]