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Ageing workforce

One in three workers feel their their boss simply ignores them

Research of 2009 UK workers by the One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards, which recognises and rewards workers’ contributions, found as many as 41% believe this to be true most or some of the time. The data suggests that to get noticed, many workers feel that they have to work outside of their normal hours of employment, […]

4 in 10 workers find most meetings boring

Four in ten workers find most meetings pointless and get bored or distracted

Many workers admit to being bored or distracted during meetings, and let their attention wander Four out of 10 (43%) UK employees find most work meetings pointless, according to research from hotel chain Radisson Blu UK. The Meetings Psychology Study found that almost a quarter (23%) admit to being easily distracted and bored during conference calls and colleague get-togethers, […]


LinkedIn survey reveals the extent of the employee engagement gap

Employers may not be trying as hard to engage their workers as they think they are. Roughly half of U.S. workers would not recommend their current employer to a job-seeking peer, according to new research from LinkedIn and Mars Drinks, the beverage arm of global food company Mars Inc. To conduct the study, LinkedIn surveyed 1,015 of its users–representing large companies with […]

Career change1

Lack of career development key reason for employees leaving their jobs

Nearly two-thirds of employees say a lack of career development with their current employer would be enough to make them start looking for a new job, according to research published today by Penna. The research found managers are ill-equipped to have career conversations with their direct reports, with nearly a third saying their organisation doesn’t […]

Employees financial decisions

Employees need more help with their key financial decisions says report

To engage, educate and empower employees on financial decisions, communications on pensions and savings need to be both personalised and timed right, according to Mercer’s latest white paper, Engaging employees to take action in a digital age, authored in collaboration with Digitai and Professor Shlomo Benartzi, UCLA behavioural scientist. Mercer found that three key behavioural […]


Employees would rather go to the dentist than ask for a payrise

If the thought of asking for a pay rise makes you want to scrub the floors or spend quality time at the dentist’s surgery you’re not alone. While 65% of employees surveyed1 by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half have more confidence in their job prospects compared to a year ago, only 59% plan to ask […]