Thought leadership

Temkin says CEM at a tipping point

After passing through the initial stages of customer experience (CX) management evolution – those being 'CX Intrigue' and 'CX Exuberance' – the North American market has now entered into an era of 'CX Professionalism' in which best practices are being documented, according to the Temkin Group's report, 'The Future of Customer Experience'. The research examined […]

John Lewis pops up with new store

John Lewis is to open its first pop-up shop in Exeter next month, giving customers a preview of the assortment of products that will be available in the retailer’s first flexible format department store, which opens on 12th October. The pop-up shop, which will open its doors on Exeter High Street on 3rd September, will […]

Amazon Apple and Google most trusted

The ClickFox Consumer Data Audit indicates that consumers embrace location services in marketing campaigns, are wary of data use among retailers and trust the financial services industry most with personal information, followed by healthcare and government in second and third, respectively. Amazon, Apple and Google were revealed as the most trustworthy organizations with regards to […]

Salesforce Communities next big thing?

Salesforce Communities claims to be the only community platform that combines the power of social networking with business processes for breakthrough collaboration and productivity New technology will accelerate the industry’s transformation to the social enterprise Salesforce Communities will combine social networking features such as profiles, real-time feeds, trending topics, recommendations and influence measurement, with the […]

Online customer engagement key to recovery

Online businesses account for 8.3% of Britain’s economy but we can expect even stronger future growth from this sector according to Gary David Smith – co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.   “Britain’s online businesses generated more than £121 billion for the UK economy in 2010 which is the equivalent of about £2,000 for each […]

Customer feedback just being wasted

Ventana Research’s latest Benchmark Research on The Role of Feedback in Customer Experience Management is designed to gain insight into how customer feedback can be better utilized to enhance the customer experience and deliver business value through a broader understanding of the consumer. The proliferation of new communication channels makes it possible for consumers to […]

Penny dropping on customer experience and profits

Temkin Group has released its new research report, The Future of Customer Experience. The research examines how customer experience (CX) management has evolved and where it is heading. The research shows that 59% of large companies have ambitions to be industry leaders in customer experience within three years. At the same time, Temkin Group estimates […]

How customers are liking Facebook

A new study of European retail brands by comScore and Facebook has found that popular consumer brands are utilising Facebook to deliver media impressions at scale, achieve brand amplification and resonance, and ultimately drive desired behaviours among key customer segments. The study, entitled 'The Power of Like – Europe', examined European retail brands such as […]

A ‘shocking complacency’ over mobile surveys

The most shocking result of Confirmit’s 8th annual MR Software Survey was that relatively few MR companies are taking an active approach to cater for survey takers using smartphones or tablets for surveys.   62% of respondents either do not have a policy for web surveys that land on mobile screens or they don’t modify surveys […]

Brands ignoring social media customer feedback

Brands are ignoring advice offered by consumers on Twitter and Facebook, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by social media monitoring company Brandwatch. The online study, which questioned more than 2,000 British consumers on brand interaction, found that half (50 percent) of respondents complain because they want companies to learn from their mistakes rather than […]