Employee/Customer Engagement

The biggest workplace distractions, and how to conquer them

Picture this scene. You’ve arrived at the office nice and early, a hot coffee on your desk and fingers poised over the keyboard. You’re ready to work and ready to smash it. But before you can start, laughter and loud conversation breaks out, your phone starts to ping with Facebook notifications, someone’s talking about TV […]

Wellness and perks in the workplace

Research has uncovered UK employers’ most promoted perks to attract young working professionals. When it comes to wellbeing perks, the results are quite surprising, and not in the most favourable light. Through the analysis of 8,700 job advertisements in the country over the last year, the Perkbox research has found that the perks most promoted […]

Uber posts $1bn loss weeks after disappointing stock market flotation

Uber has posted a $1bn (£790m) loss as the ride-hailing firm delivered its first figures since a disappointing flotation earlier this month. The quarterly loss came despite a 20% rise in revenues to $3.1bn and increase in monthly active users to 93 million. The results were in line with many analysts’ forecasts and may provide […]

RyanAir cautious on Outlook at profits slide

Ryanair’s profits fell by nearly a third last year to €1bn (£880m) as fuel costs rose and fares fell. Europe’s biggest discount airline added that profits could be lower this year as fares continue to fall. For the current financial year, the carrier said it was ‘cautious’ on pricing and had ‘zero’ visibility for the […]

Gig Economy and the Gender Pay Gap: Alive and Kicking

Often underpinned by irregular and late payments, gig economy workers face many vulnerabilities that those in full time work do not face. Sick leave, regular appraisals, and pensions are all things that freelance workers do not have the luxury of receiving despite many being at the same company for a number of years. It is estimated […]

BT Group adopts Employee ownership model for 100,000 staff

Telecommunications organisation BT Group (BT) has launched an employee ownership scheme for its 100,000 worldwide employees, aiming to boost employee engagement and improve customer service. The new ‘yourshare’ scheme will amount to approximately £50 million a year for BT’s global employees; this includes an initial award value of £500 per staff member. Employees will need to hold their shares for a minimum […]

Thomas Cook shares ‘worthless’ says Citigroup

Shares in Thomas Cook have plunged 30% after analysts at a bank said the travel firm’s shares were ‘worthless’. Thomas Cook’s tour operations and airline are worth £738m, but its debt is around the same “and implies zero equity value”, according to Citigroup. Citigroup’s damning conclusion comes a day after Thomas Cook issued its third profit […]

Twice as many employees want a mentor than have one

Having a good workplace mentor is one of the most important factors in a person’s professional and career development. While many people focus on finding personal mentors, many neglect the importance of having a professional mentor to help with their professional development. A recent survey by Olivet Nazarene University found that while 76% of workers […]

Bring your own lunchbox to work to cut plastic waste says charity

You might only be grabbing a sandwich, crisps and maybe a cake and coffee, but that unremarkable weekday lunch can produce four or more items of waste. That adds up: the UK’s lunch-on-the-go habit is creating nearly 11 billion pieces of packaging every year, says environmental campaign group Hubbub. Their solution? More packed lunches. But […]