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Employee Engagement Summit Chair Report – Cathy Brown

It was a pleasure once more to be working with the EBM team and chairing the 2018 Employee Engagement Summit. A great start with a packed room and people standing at the back – not bad for a very sunny Friday at the start of a bank holiday weekend! Our keynote sessions started with Professor […]

If music be the food of comms…

Chair report from the Employee Engagement Summit by Kate Jones… It’s rare that I don’t have music playing – in the car, at home, through my headphones if I need to focus at work. All my favourite films are musicals, and I’ll tell anyone the woes of life as a tenor in a choir (read […]

Speaker in Focus Interview – Afeef Hussain

With the Employee Engagement Summit less than a month away, we want to give you a sneak preview of just some of the content you will expect to hear from our Topic Streams and Case Studies. Today, Afeef Hussain, Regional Director of Training for Lux Resorts joins us to discuss emotional engagement, customer loyalty and where he feels […]

Four Top Tips to Influence Consumers

In the overcrowded marketplace customers certainly have the power, an unsatisfied customer can easily go elsewhere. The sheer number of competitors in the majority of industries is a challenge facing many professionals today. People who are empowered to influence and communicate effectively are highly sought-after because they help companies more forward together and are able […]

Employee Engagement for B2B Organisations

Keith Schorah, founder and CEO of customer intelligence organisation Maru/Syngro, shares his top tips on how B2B organisations can engage employees in the Customer Experience strategy. B2B organisations can be complex with many different departments executing different roles with different communication lines with customers. It is not uncommon then that everyone on the front-line work to please […]

The Role of Emotions in Customer and Employee Experience

  In a world where many products and services are now seen as commodities, many organisations are struggling to find and retain customers. So, when your product starts to look like the others, what’s left is the relationship. As standard services and functionalities become similar, you must foster the emotions about and within your company. […]

Culture Transformation Journey: Step by step, day by day

By Dace Kalnina They say that it is the journey that matters more than the destination. Together with Isabelle Krauss I have had the opportunity to witness a wonderful yet not easy culture transformation journey in the Directorate –General of Informatics at the European Commission*. With the reduction of resources and an increasing pressure on […]

Botman vs. SuperAgent: Dawn of a new contact centre?

By Dr Nicola J. Millard, BT Global Services Local cinemas have been packed to the rafters with superhero movies lately. Whether it’s Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, they pop their underpants on over their trousers and battle the big and the bad (often a rogue robot, or an intergalactic weapon of some kind). But can […]