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Botman vs. SuperAgent: Dawn of a new contact centre?

By Dr Nicola J. Millard, BT Global Services Local cinemas have been packed to the rafters with superhero movies lately. Whether it’s Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, they pop their underpants on over their trousers and battle the big and the bad (often a rogue robot, or an intergalactic weapon of some kind). But can […]

Effective feedback in a remote team

Effective communication in a growing team is tough before you even factor in remote workers. So, when working on a collaborative project with individuals located on different sites, interaction levels can be significantly lower, which in turn can negatively impact engagement and work rate. Some of the key merits of effective feedback include: Give employees […]

You can be a Smart Energy Employer

This is your opportunity to be part of Britain’s energy transformation. By supporting your staff to get smart meters, you will be supporting Britain’s energy transformation, and your colleagues to make the most of this new technology. Becoming a Smart Energy Employer is easy, free and will mean huge benefits for your employees. Benefits to […]

Cloud AutoML: Making AI accessible to every business

By Jia Li, Head of R&D, Cloud AI, and Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist, Cloud AI When we both joined Google Cloud just over a year ago, we embarked on a mission to democratize AI. Our goal was to lower the barrier of entry and make AI available to the largest possible community of developers, researchers […]

Great Expectations – Are service expectations really rising?

In an age of instant online gratification and rapidly changing technology, do people now expect more than ever? Expectations matter: they are often more important than experience itself in how we judge companies. According to our latest Ipsos MORI data, even a positive experience can damage brand favourability if it does not live up to […]

5 Essentials for the Perfect Employer-Employee Relationship

The employer-employee relationship is crucial to every workplace. Here are the five essential building blocks of these relationships. You sorted through the resumes. You conducted the interviews. You ran the background checks. You vetted your top candidates. You made your employment offer. And, finally, you hired the employee. The hiring process is a stressful one […]

Championing mental health in the workplace

Author: James Malia, Director of Employee Benefits at Sodexo Engage, specialists in employee and consumer engagement 2017 – the year that government, businesses and the public blew the lid off the scale of mental health problems facing the UK. Drawing together the link between mental health awareness and the working world is the government’s Thriving […]