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ABP Chair, Clodagh O'Reilly

Engaging Tomorrow’s Workforce

When planning for the future, many organisations are focused on how emerging technologies can increase their productivity and innovation. But where is their workforce focused? Seeking Meaning Work was, in the past, often a necessity based on individuals’ need to survive and provide for their own basic needs. Now, in most advanced economies, the workforce […]

David Jackson

Organising for customer focus

PART 2 Where do I place my vote?  I genuinely don’t think it matters. The debate about who is responsible for the customer and who reports to whom confuses organisation structure and organisation design.  The view that structure can fix problems is not new.  “We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were […]

Organising for customer focus

Part 1 As customers we rightly rant when we hear the dreaded phrases like “Sorry but that’s not my job”,  “You need to speak to another department” or “Can you just give me your details again.”   It seems that no one has thought too much about what it is like to be a customer.  In […]

Serving Millennials – Adapt or Die

For years marketing firms and consumer experts have talked about the oncoming rise of the millennials, the generation Y, the digital natives. This the generation that grew up with mobile phones and the Internet and is expected to behave completely differently to the customers from previous generations. Except, the millennials are already with us. This […]

Do your surveys create dissatisfaction?

Customer surveys are a staple of the customer experience process and the most commonly-used way of measuring the customer experience. You would expect therefore that the application of the technique would by now be pretty slick. Unfortunately, that all too often is not the case. Rather than measure satisfaction, the majority of surveys turn what […]

Ex Machina and it’s relevance to customer and employee engagement

In my last post I somewhat labored some film analogies that I drew from the various presentations at the Employee Engagement Summit which I had the privilege of chairing. But I want to extend this by just one film that I think has relevance to how we might think about customer, and indeed employee, engagement […]

Surprising Skills for Leadership in the Digital Age

What is going on with work at the moment? We can work wherever we want and yet commute times are going up year on year as we play sardines on trains and sit in jams on motorways.  We often spend longer and longer working (because we can) but get less done in the process. We […]

The customer experience must match the expectation of your customer

Any customer service manager has known for years that the quality of customer feedback often depends on what the customer expected when they got in touch. For example, if your shiny new PC crashes after a few days and minutes after calling the helpline you have it back up and running then factors such as […]


Ode to engagement It used to be simple, Then it got complicated. Now it’s personal but Tomorrow that’s just not good enough! These four lines sum up the past, present and future challenges facing companies seeking to engage with current and potential customers. Let me explain. It used to be simple: remember when customers had […]