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Football & Values

My friend John Hughes and I used to talk about those posters you’d see in business premises proudly proclaiming ‘new’ corporate values. You know the sort of thing: bright colourful things aimed at arousing people with concepts such as ‘team work’, ‘passion’ or some other superficial nonsense. John would greet such a sight with a […]

Sylvana Storey

Unconscious bias in the workplace: is training the solution?

The concept of bias is undisputed and work in psychology, behavioural economics and cognitive neuroscience continue to emphasise the various biases that impact our decision making.  One such bias that has become mainstream in organisations is ‘Unconscious Bias’ (implicit bias) and, as an intervention, organisations provide their employees with unconscious bias training. As a business […]

Andy Sommer

The Secrets of Effortless Engagement

We appear to be in the midst of a shift in focus. The all-powerful organisation is having to succumb to the power of the customer. I remember about five years ago seeing the rise of ‘Customer Experience Management’. The focus being for businesses to place the customer front and centre of everything they do. At […]

Stuart Cross

The Complex Links Between Employee and Customer Engagement

Employee engagement and customer engagement are inextricably linked. But in my experience the linkages between the two are far more complex and subtle than many business leaders anticipate. As a result, businesses risk wasting both money and opportunity in taking a simplistic approach to building colleague and customer engagement. Over 15 years ago, for example, […]


But they are farmers…..

In 2013, Johnny Georges became a You-tube sensation when his emotional plea on the entrepreneurial show – The Shark Tank aired. As the inventor of the tree T-pee, a water conservation system, Johnny had a very personalized approach to expanding his business. He’d been taught by his father – an inventor in his own right […]

ABP Chair, Clodagh O'Reilly

The Constant Culture Challenge

Now, more than ever, leaders need to be thoughtful about their organisations’ culture. Many experts have previously agreed with Edgar Schein who suggested that leadership and culture were two sides of the same coin. Leaders in organisations are typically the people who set objectives and initiate activities. The methods they believe work well are disseminated. […]


Aesthetic Intelligence and Customer Engagement

I read an article about ‘aesthetic intelligence’ some time back. Heaven knows what I was searching for when I found it, but it made some good points about success in business by drawing on the artistic process and related principles. As a music fan since I was a very young kid, I’ve always been interested […]


The call centre dark side – why are some customers just so angry?

With all the talk of Star Wars I got to thinking about the dark side of contact centre life. There are days when working in this environment leaves you feeling like everyone’s punch bag. Fielding one angry call after another can be exhausting and demoralizing; even for seasoned contact centre agents. These angry customers that […]

Mike Havard 432x323


Yet again, I was delighted to have chaired this year’s Customer Engagement Summit – over 700 professionals in the room looking to learn, network and be inspired. And I suspect a few were just a little blown away with the innovations and ideas being presented, not least by the BBC’s Spencer Kelly and his ‘tech […]


My Customer Engagement Summit experience

I spoke about the future of the customer experience at the Engage Customer Summit last week. It was a real pleasure to be a part of the opening keynote session with Spencer Kelly from the BBC Click TV show ahead and Patrick Lewis, director of partnerships at John Lewis (notice the name), following my session. […]