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Challenge to Managers: Lead with Positivity

I recently had the opportunity to give the closing keynote at the IBM Smarter Workforce Summit, an annual gathering of HR professionals and consultants. In my attempt to avoid the standard fare for this type of talk—long lectures and rousing motivational rants—I decided to issue a challenge. After providing some research-based evidence to make the […]

Employee Appreciation Engagement IBM

4 Reasons Employee Appreciation Matters Year-Round

Co-authored by Eric Mosley and Sheri Feinzig How many times since last week’s Employee Appreciation Day (March 4th) have you recognized someone at work? On that one day every year we are reminded to appreciate our employees, but, our employees contribute to our organization’s overall growth and well-being all year long, not just on occasional […]

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Designing employee experience to enhance engagement and productivity

  Companies have long obsessed about customer experience. Rightly so too as the leading companies in their respective fields, tend to also be the ones that enjoy the highest customer satisfaction ratings. A similar focus is now belatedly being applied to employee experience. This is in part due to increasing recognition of the impact it […]


If you knew, you’d change! Battling bias with data

Most leaders, when confronted with the realities of our propensity toward bias, planned to improve the quality of data used in talent decision-making. Data gathered from leaders has demonstrated this. Once you have these facts to hand, will you demand change too? The brain makes use of thinking strategies which short-cut decision-making; this is essential […]

Graeme Gabriel

From glass hammers and tartan paint to real career springboard

My dad used to work on a building site, and to spice up his day, he and his mates would send the apprentices on fool’s errands. Much to his delight, young apprentices would be eagerly go out looking for glass hammers and tartan paint. Historically, apprenticeships had a bit of a bad reputation in some […]


Reflections on Future Of The Contact Centre Leaders Forum

I’m not sure exactly how many crammed into the bijou theatre at the top of Blue Fin, but it was standing room only for most of the day. Certainly more than a hundred bright minds made it an event that zinged all day.  It was also Friday which meant the conversation had to be good […]

Ian McVey

CEOs and boards should listen to their employees on Brexit

Last week the press had a field day when Rolls Royce and BMW CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos  wrote to his UK employees to warn them of the effect of a Brexit on the manufacturer’s business.  The Daily Express accused him of ‘scaremongering’. Only a few days later, John Longworth, the director general of the British Chamber […]

Carolyn Blunt1

Sorry goes a long way

The vast majority of customer service stories begin with how things went wrong, however, it doesn’t have to end that way. Bill Gates says that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” and I agree with this. When things go wrong, it’s a great opportunity to say ‘sorry’ and wow the customer […]


Refugees: Why Don’t EU Leaders Just Share The Burden?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been locked in talks this week with other European Union (EU) leaders and officials, aiming to secure a deal on Britain’s membership of the EU ahead of his promised referendum on the issue – expected to be on June 23. EU leaders are playing hardball and insisting on a clause that […]


Football & Values

My friend John Hughes and I used to talk about those posters you’d see in business premises proudly proclaiming ‘new’ corporate values. You know the sort of thing: bright colourful things aimed at arousing people with concepts such as ‘team work’, ‘passion’ or some other superficial nonsense. John would greet such a sight with a […]